Future Plans...

Last week my mom mentioned that I apply to teach in Catholic high school (no teaching certificate required!). Well, I think that really is the best option for right now, so Monday I looked through the Archdiocese of Philadelphia's website and requirements, Tuesday I thought it over, and yesterday I printed out the application and filled it out. Today I emailed Dr. Cagle and Dr. Knauth about writing my recommendation letters, and soon I'm going to call the rectory and ask Fr. Roncase about the recommendation I need from my pastor. Then I need a criminal background check, fingerprint check, and child abuse history clearance, and to order a copy of my transcripts from the registrar at Lycoming. I'm qualified to teach Social Studies and German. Yay! I wonder how many high schools in the archdiocese provide German as a language? Pius used to, but it was taken away a few years before we got there. Maybe all they need is the teacher, right? I think it'd be so much fun...even though I despise high schoolers anymore. hahaha. I hated most of them when I was in high school.

The best part about this is that because I don't have a teaching certificate, I can't get tenure, which means it'd be for only a year? And that gives me time to make a bit of money (a very small bit of money, lol) to reapply to grad schools for next year. I already have a better idea of what I'm going to do better, which is to broaden my applications. I only applied to 4 universities because they were practically the only ones who have what I want. But the thing is that I didn't really know what I wanted. Now I have a better idea. I'm going to reapply to those same four places for Ancient Near Eastern Cultures and Languages and Archaeology, but then I'm going to apply to other places for government stuff, like International Peace and Conflict Resolutions or something along those lines. If while I'm teaching I take some courses from MontCo for French, more German maybe, and anything else I can find (like a Political Science course or something), I may have more to add to a political track, like ambassador or something!

I think it'd be neat - going to all these countries, making a difference. But don't be naive, Alli...and don't let yourself be corrupted!!!!! haha. I'd use other languages and learn about other cultures, which is essentially why I became an archaeologist. Only then I'd be with the government and I'd get awesome government benefits. haha.

I wonder what I should today, though. It's really nice out: mostly cloudy, but it's warm, though quite humid. Maybe I'll do some work in the garden, since that's what my mom wanted to do today anyways but she got stuck balancing her checkbook. Oy veh.

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Anonymous said...

Man Al Im glad you have some sort of plan laid out. I finally hit me today that Chapter 6 of my life is over and I actually need to do something before Chapter 7 starts getting boring lol. I made a list of things to do today that are going to get done tomorrow...goo me and go you for working out in the garden....mom :)