I made a tasty tasty dinner for my family last night! Hot Italian sausage in a white wine butter garlic sauce with penne pasta, and then some frozen green beans on the side. I set it on the table outside to eat and after the first couple mouthfuls my dad said, "Huh, when did you learn to cook? This is delicious...I could get used to this..." haha. I like making dinner for my family. I feel like I'm paying my parents back for everything they've done for me, and also for being jobless. I was so proud of myself that I made it again today for lunch with the wee bit of spaghetti that was left in a box.

We all upgraded our phones last week, too, and we all got something different, lol! Eric got a double slider, the kind with the separate keyboard for texting; he got dad one that is nearly identical to his old one, but the screen isn't broken and it's a little smaller and easier to flip open; Matt got the AT&T version of Eric's old LG Shine so he actually gets a signal in the house; Eric got mom "a red flip phone that can take pictures and video" (that's what she asked him to get)...it's slimmer too; and I got a red Samsung slider...the signal in the house isn't too bad. I like it. I didn't realize that it also plays music and will hold the teeny little music chip I had for my old slider phone. Yay! haha.

Ok, well, time to order the cakes for the party and get to cleaning up around the house. But it's so nice outside...I think I'd rather just sit outside and read...

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