How Long Does It Take For Sleep To Ware Off???

Alright, I'm going to need to do a dictionary look up because I'm getting ware and wear mixed up.

Anywho, I've been up for an hour an a half and I'm still sleepy. But maybe I should practice getting up early so it's not such a shock when I get to Israel. Though I might be still sleepy just because I haven't really done anything yet. But when I sleep till 9 I'm only sleepy until I get my first sip of coffee. Maybe I should pour another cup...

Well, the reason I got up early today is because my dad's friend/coworker Beetle needed someone to watch his dog. He and his wife are going to a wedding after work and I think it's in Jersey. So we have the cute little pooch until about 9pm. Thing is, he had to drop Westie offbefore work - my dad leaves at 6am. So I set my alarm for 5:50 because I don't need to be awake, just coherent enough to deal with a little hyper dog and a big chicken shit dog until they calmed down. It took an hour. And now Ambers laying quietly (and possibly sleeping) at my feet here in the kitchen and I just realized that the little guy is sleeping on the couch. haha. Too much excitement too early in the morning for them, too, apparently.

I have an interview with the Bally House for LifePath at 10am. If they do hire me (and my mom says they definitely will), they're only 5 minutes down the street! Maybe I'll bike...first I need a bike. I just have to let her know that I won't be able to start until mid-August (though I could do the two weeks training immediately when I get back from Israel), and that I'm applying for a teaching job, so I might only be able to do weekends come the end of August. And I'm sure they're going to hold me to that, and I'll just work there so long as it doesn't kill me. But it'd be nice work to do. And I'd be CPR certified! haha.

Then I'm head of lunch duty from 11am to 1pm at St. Philip's. Yea...maybe I'd better start that second cup of coffee now...


So much cooking makes me sleepy...

Man, usually when I cook I'm just starving, but this much cooking makes me sleepy. Eric and I succeeding in making a giant tub of tomato sauce filled with a huge ring of sausage and a small ring of hot Italian sausage, and 3 pans full of meatballs, all for the party on Saturday. Tomorrow: the penne. We're freezing everything until the morning of the party.

I was going to then make my famous ginger teriyaki chicken with some sticky rice, but I just found out that no one will be home to eat it. Guess I'll just have to make that another night. Chicken's already thawed though. Nuts. Mom called around 2pm saying that she's trying to find someone to cover for her but with no luck, she'll most likely have to go take a client on a 6pm appointment to DuPont Hospital (I believe it's in Delaware) and my dad has to leave for Matt's pipe lessons at 4:30, which means they're eating on the road. So it's just gonna be Eric, Paul, and me for dinner, I guess. Hmm...maybe we'll just sneak some meatballs with sauce. ;-)

I'm sooo sleepy. Maybe I'll lie down for a minute until dad comes home for Matt...
Oh, and for those of you who don't get Denise's blog, she put up some pics from graduation: "I graduated...now I'm like smart and stuff". Enjoy!


I made a tasty tasty dinner for my family last night! Hot Italian sausage in a white wine butter garlic sauce with penne pasta, and then some frozen green beans on the side. I set it on the table outside to eat and after the first couple mouthfuls my dad said, "Huh, when did you learn to cook? This is delicious...I could get used to this..." haha. I like making dinner for my family. I feel like I'm paying my parents back for everything they've done for me, and also for being jobless. I was so proud of myself that I made it again today for lunch with the wee bit of spaghetti that was left in a box.

We all upgraded our phones last week, too, and we all got something different, lol! Eric got a double slider, the kind with the separate keyboard for texting; he got dad one that is nearly identical to his old one, but the screen isn't broken and it's a little smaller and easier to flip open; Matt got the AT&T version of Eric's old LG Shine so he actually gets a signal in the house; Eric got mom "a red flip phone that can take pictures and video" (that's what she asked him to get)...it's slimmer too; and I got a red Samsung slider...the signal in the house isn't too bad. I like it. I didn't realize that it also plays music and will hold the teeny little music chip I had for my old slider phone. Yay! haha.

Ok, well, time to order the cakes for the party and get to cleaning up around the house. But it's so nice outside...I think I'd rather just sit outside and read...


BDay Recap!

Man, Eric's birthday was almost a disaster, but it pulled through to be a super nice evening! Eric wanted my dad's chicken man chicken recipe, so I went to the store and bought some chicken and other eating items! Momma started making it (I didn't want to be responsible for ruining the recipe...little did I know...), and went out to turn on the grill and started cooking the chicken. Then like 45 minutes later I hear my mom yelling outside and Eric is running around yelling at me to do something and I was super confused. I go outside to see flames shooting up out of the grill!!! I just stood there looking stupid because I didn't know what to do! Eric was running around and my mom was standing there trying to get the chicken out, which just caused more greece to spill into the flames. Finally my mom was like GET A PAN GET A PAN! NO! GET MORE PANS! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? FILL THEM UP WITH WATER! And then Eric was like, NO! THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER! GET THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER! And me WE HAVE A FIRE EXTINGUISHER?! And then as Eric was getting the hose my mom goes NO! NO WATER! IT'S A GREECE FIRE! HOW THE HELL DO YOU PUT OUT A GREECE FIRE?! Well, she knows how if it's in the oven (close the door and turn off the heart) or on the stove (put a lid over it), but we couldn't smother the flames out because the grill has too many oxygen holes, and it's too damned big to use a lid. Finally Eric was like, NO! JORDAN SAID SALT! ONE TIME WE USED SALT! GET THE SALT! And mom I USED THE LAST OF THE SALT FOR THE RECIPE! And me NO! THERE'S MORE SALT IN THE CLOSET! I'LL GO GET IT!

Looking back it was all pretty damn hysterical, but at the time we were freaking out. We did manage to save the chicken, though! Most of them had the skin burnt, but all was fine. We put them in the oven to make sure they were cooked all the way through. We had a pretty fun time recounting it for Grammom and Grampop and Cassie, though! After dinner we had some DQ ice cream cake (according to Eric, the only kind one should buy), and then Cass, Eric, mom, dad, and I went out to this brand new place for some drinks, The Wing Man Bar & Grill. It was a really nice place inside! I think I may just go back there! We all sat down at the bar but Cass and I were a little slow getting into the seats and the barman got mom, dad, and Eric's drinks first. Then he came up to Cass and I and was like, "Could I see some ID, girls?" We both just turned and glared at Eric, who let out his evil cackle, and mom and dad started laughing. Dad said to the barman, "No, no, you're supposed to card him!" Damn Eric and his looking much older than me!!! *shakes fist* But that's ok because when I'm 50 and look 40 he'll look 60! mwahahahaha!

Anyways, lots to do today - bank, insurance, clean the kitchen which looks like a train went through it, help Grammom with weeding! :D Better get in the shower then!



Yay!!! It's Eric's 21st! FINALLY! I'm so excited about it! My job today is to go out and get him a present (my mom says it has to be a mug with his name inscribed on it? It's apparently "the 21st" present?). I don't remember that. Anways, it's also my job to buy the birthday dinner. He wants my dad's chicken man recipe, which means I probably shouldn't try it without him around. I don't wanna mess it up. lol. So I'm up early to get all this done in time to pick up Matt so we can all go buy nice (or funny, in the boys' case) birthday cards. I may even take them to the mall to see if they want to get him anything special. Then the boys have separate band lessons tonight. The neighbors are taking Paul to Hamilton Pipe Band's practice and we're taking Matt up to Lehigh Valley's practice. Then we're leavin' the boys at home and going out on the town to take Eric out for his first LEGAL drink! woop! haha.

This means I'm also skipping my running routine this morning. My legs are sore anyways, lol. Also, ever since I ran yesterday, I started getting a nasal drip and a sore throat. What the heck? I thought exercise is supposed to make you feel healthier? Psh, oh wells. Probably allergies. I need to find some Claritin in this house!
Also, I am now working on THREE applications: one for the Archdiocese for teaching, one to sign up as a volunteer at UPenn (maybe they'll like me so much they'll let me in their school!), and the last one is for Student Conservation Association. The last one I found while searching through Valley Forge's website to find something about volunteering (or paid work...), but it's not necessarily archaeology. They work with national parks and do a wide range of things, like Fire Hazard Crews, plant conservation stuff, trail making, stuff with rocks, but they also have archaeology stuff! I'm going to apply for a bunch of stuff, but the application is SO extensive, that after an hour and half and only being halfway through it, I decided to give it a break! Sheesh. But I'd either get some kind of internship which wouldn't be paid, but I would get a kind of stipend, or an actual job. Hopefully they give me something close to home? Most of the actual jobs were in New Hampshire, Washington state, California, Maine, but Washington, D.C. was on the list, and PA was mentioned for ONE job out in Pittsburgh. Well, we'll see.


Lists, Lists, Lists

Alright, maybe I need to go back to making myself lists. Only instead of making them because I'm so damned busy and will forget something, it's because I'm so damned NOT busy that I'm not motivated to do them. So here we go.

To Do List:
  • Fix my savings account at Sovereign to a checking so I stop losing so much money
  • Buy Archaeology tools: online tool kit with essentials?; Marshalltown trowel!; large water bottle; pocket knife
  • Finish application for Archdiocese: get that background, fingerprint, and child abuse history clearance!
  • Fill out applications for museums
Remember To Do This Each Day List:
  • Start running each morning and finish up with a meditation session
  • REMEMBER TO EAT BREAKFAST! Probably is why you’re losing focus
  • Keep laundry and dishes going
  • Clean fish tank
  • Learn more yummy recipes to have dinner ready for the family when everyone comes home
  • Keep up with the gardening
Maybe this will keep me on track. Unfortunately, I've already hit a curve. My keyboard went crazy again and I took my frustration out on it and mashed the keys, like ya do to try and make it work, you know. Well...broke the "T" key. Nuts. I also cut my finger doing it. Lots of blood. Well, maybe that'll make me work at saving my money a little more for that awesome Mac book I want so bad. Well, I'm gonna end this and get started on that long list.


New Pictures!!

Alright, so Denise made some posts about our last few weeks at school. Now, seeing as many people who read Denise's blog also read my blog, I will spare them because I actually don't have any of the pictures of these events since I lost my camera battery charger. Oh yea, I wanted to go buy a new one today...

Anywho, instead of reposting all the same pictures that Denise did, I'm just going to put in the link to her blog posts.

First, Medieval Lyco! This was an event our History Club began, and they wanted a kind of Renaissance Faire for Lycoming to happen annually. So here are pictures to the first one of it's kind! --->CLICK HERE FOR MEDIEVAL LYCO<----

Next up, Dance Show!!! Denise and I were partners for Latin and then Denise and Rosalyn also did Country Line. I couldn't do Country Line this last semester because I had a class at the same time as their practices. :( --->CLICK HERE FOR DANCE SHOW<---

Third, everything we did during Earth Week! But the kayaking place didn't take any pictures of me kayaking!!!! =( That makes me very hurt because I was the one who organized the whole thing. Oh wells, there are some good pictures of Stuart! haha. Also included are some pictures of David Radcliff of The New Community Project when he came to talk about "Less is More" in regards to living respectfully to our neighbors and the earth. Our Earth Day celebration is in there. We took over Pennington Lounge and had a big party with a small band, tie-dying, potted plants, pine cone bird feeders, and a raffle to raise money for the New Community Project. That night Kevin tried teaching Melissa how to swim. Very amusing. But he did a much better job than Denise and I have done. She actually sort of started swimming by the end of it! --->CLICK HERE FOR OUR LAST WEEK OF LYCO EVER<---

And lastly Denise posted about all the awards ceremonies we went to during that last week. They were the Leadership Awards Banquet (Melissa won two awards!) and Honors Convocation. I got an award for my work and GPA in Archaeology with Kirsten Darby (I love that girl). Melissa won FIVE AWARDS! It was so awesome. Lala also got an award for Business! --->CLICK HERE FOR AWARDS CEREMONIES<---


Future Plans...

Last week my mom mentioned that I apply to teach in Catholic high school (no teaching certificate required!). Well, I think that really is the best option for right now, so Monday I looked through the Archdiocese of Philadelphia's website and requirements, Tuesday I thought it over, and yesterday I printed out the application and filled it out. Today I emailed Dr. Cagle and Dr. Knauth about writing my recommendation letters, and soon I'm going to call the rectory and ask Fr. Roncase about the recommendation I need from my pastor. Then I need a criminal background check, fingerprint check, and child abuse history clearance, and to order a copy of my transcripts from the registrar at Lycoming. I'm qualified to teach Social Studies and German. Yay! I wonder how many high schools in the archdiocese provide German as a language? Pius used to, but it was taken away a few years before we got there. Maybe all they need is the teacher, right? I think it'd be so much fun...even though I despise high schoolers anymore. hahaha. I hated most of them when I was in high school.

The best part about this is that because I don't have a teaching certificate, I can't get tenure, which means it'd be for only a year? And that gives me time to make a bit of money (a very small bit of money, lol) to reapply to grad schools for next year. I already have a better idea of what I'm going to do better, which is to broaden my applications. I only applied to 4 universities because they were practically the only ones who have what I want. But the thing is that I didn't really know what I wanted. Now I have a better idea. I'm going to reapply to those same four places for Ancient Near Eastern Cultures and Languages and Archaeology, but then I'm going to apply to other places for government stuff, like International Peace and Conflict Resolutions or something along those lines. If while I'm teaching I take some courses from MontCo for French, more German maybe, and anything else I can find (like a Political Science course or something), I may have more to add to a political track, like ambassador or something!

I think it'd be neat - going to all these countries, making a difference. But don't be naive, Alli...and don't let yourself be corrupted!!!!! haha. I'd use other languages and learn about other cultures, which is essentially why I became an archaeologist. Only then I'd be with the government and I'd get awesome government benefits. haha.

I wonder what I should today, though. It's really nice out: mostly cloudy, but it's warm, though quite humid. Maybe I'll do some work in the garden, since that's what my mom wanted to do today anyways but she got stuck balancing her checkbook. Oy veh.