Best Weekend Yet!

Yesterday, I went to Brooklyn with Katy and Carrie to visit our dear friend Greg, check out the Brooklyn Art Museum, and chill at the Way Station (a Doctor Who bar!). One amazing thing we learned about Brooklyn: the food is so cheap! The amount we spent on lunch and dinner was the same as one meal out in Manhattan! We're going to Brooklyn more often now!

Upon our arrival at the museum, we realized that there was an exhibit on sexuality and one on feminism! The feminism one was absolutely amazing. It's called The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago. The display is three long tables shaped into a triangle (to represent the pubic triangle) with place settings for prominent and strong women since the beginning of time. There were too many women to choose from, so whoever doesn't have a place setting has their name written on the floor. On each plate is a butterfly/flower/vulva sculpture to represent each woman. My favorite place setting was for Emily Dickinson:

Source: Highlight of my day

Some of the names more recognizable to me were goddesses from Mesopotamia (Ishtar, Ereshkigal), Biblical characters (Judith, Lilith, Ruth), some saints (Bridget, Joan of Arc), queens (Nefertiti, Hatshepsut, Elizabeth I), artists and writers (Gerogia O'Keefe), and many many others. There were place settings for only 39 women but 999 names were written on the floor. Fantastic display, I'm so glad I got to see it! Check out the Brooklyn Art Museum page to read more about it (linked above under "feminism")!