The Future is Bright

Just had a meeting with the professors at Bryn Mawr College's grad school Archaeology department and I'm feeling pretty good about it. I just felt like, "eh" after my meeting at Arcadia, but at Bryn Mawr most of the faculty made it a point to come and meet with me and talk to me. I sat with five professors that I might be working with and they questioned me with all kinds of things I wasn't quite ready for. It was much different than my meeting at Arcadia. It made me realize that...I really really really really want to stick with Archaeology. I love it too much to stay away. I had a blast just chatting with the professors.

Then they actually introduced me to some of the students already in the program and I sat and chatted with them for a bit. Bryn Mawr doesn't have just one library. It's awesome. I'm sure that all Universities with grad school programs are like that, but I was so excited about it. The archaeology, history, and classical studies department all share the library. It was full of all kinds of awesome books that I was ravenous to grab up. It was really nice to chat with the students. I learned a lot from them.

Overall I think the whole thing went pretty well and Bryn Mawr is definitely staying at the top of my list!! XD


Worst Day of Work Ever

I feel so horrible. Lunch was going really well today until the older kids came in. It was picture day so everyone got to dress down and wear whatever they wanted so I think they were a little hyper. Well, 8th grade cleaners who wipe down the tables after lunch everyday were spraying some of the other kids and so I had the entire class stay up in their homeroom with their teacher to talk about it. They all got checks. I've had to tell mostly everyone at one point or another. All of them. Got checks. It's Paul's first check (surprise, mom) and it was from his big sister. I'm sure it was Isabel's first check, too. I actually sat in my car and cried about it for about 5 minutes afterward. I don't think I can give another check again.

I always use it to threaten the kids and yell at them when they're misbehaving, but I've never used it ever, and now I never will again. ;___;


You know, I believe I have made the right choice as far as choosing a job goes. I don't dread waking up and going to work. I only dread working at the school all day and then working at the home all evening because it's just so tiring. I've been nervous about certain parts of working at the school, for instance, today. I'm subbing for the Language Arts teacher for the 6th, 7th, & 8th grade. She also teaches Tech. I haven't had to teach any of the older grades yet. Little kids are easier to teach. I really enjoy what I'm doing, but I think I enjoy it even more by believing that this time next year I'll be well into the swing of grad school instead of working again.

However, I shall never turn down a substituting opportunity, for it adds greatly to my income! Yay for finally feeling comfortable about paying back student loans! It only took 2 months, but I'm not a-scared of you anymore, student loans! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Now if only I could strangle the insurance company into cooperating and giving me my damned health coverage back!!!!