The Future is Bright

Just had a meeting with the professors at Bryn Mawr College's grad school Archaeology department and I'm feeling pretty good about it. I just felt like, "eh" after my meeting at Arcadia, but at Bryn Mawr most of the faculty made it a point to come and meet with me and talk to me. I sat with five professors that I might be working with and they questioned me with all kinds of things I wasn't quite ready for. It was much different than my meeting at Arcadia. It made me realize that...I really really really really want to stick with Archaeology. I love it too much to stay away. I had a blast just chatting with the professors.

Then they actually introduced me to some of the students already in the program and I sat and chatted with them for a bit. Bryn Mawr doesn't have just one library. It's awesome. I'm sure that all Universities with grad school programs are like that, but I was so excited about it. The archaeology, history, and classical studies department all share the library. It was full of all kinds of awesome books that I was ravenous to grab up. It was really nice to chat with the students. I learned a lot from them.

Overall I think the whole thing went pretty well and Bryn Mawr is definitely staying at the top of my list!! XD

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