The real work starts...

I had work again today. Man, what an initiation. Everyone was doing exceptionally well and there was actually a lot of lag time. We even put the Phillies game on. Then it hit. At 7:30 we started putting everyone to bed. 7 out of 8 had the WORST dirty diapers you could imagine! OMG, it was horrendous.

My supervisor laughed and said, "Well how's that for your initiation!" haha. I go back again tomorrow for my first full weekend shift. We're taking the kids on an outing to the carnival in Emmaus! The aid I worked with tonight is working again tomorrow. Everyone there is just so pleasant to work with, I'm so glad. It has it's drama, of course, but it's really very tame - the worst of it comes from the consumers' families.

Tonight my parents went out for dinner with the Washko's and the Sounder's and the Washko boys are spending the night here. I'm going to see if they haven't found the oreo ice cream yet and try and eat it sneakily before they notice I have it. >.<

(Grammom: that smile face is supposed to be someone squeezing their eyes really tight - "><" - and pursing their lips - "." hahaha)

Oh! Speaking of Grammom! We went to Washington, DC yesterday! It was a blast. I'll have to put the pictures up soon! We went to Arlington Cemetery and saw the Kennedy graves and the changing of the guards at the tomb of the unknown soldiers; Washington monument, Lincoln memorial, Vietnam memorial, WWII memorial; and the Museum of Natural Sciences - my favorite #nerd alert!!!


The Beach The Beach The Beach!!!!!!

Yay!!!! I'm going to the shore tomorrow!!!! I'm so excited!!!! I haven't been to the Jersey shore in 2 years!!!! I miss it! We're just going down for the day because we don't have enough money to stay for more than that, but that's ok with me. As long as I can sit on the beach and go swimming and walk on the boardwalk and get ice cream and boardwalk fries and salt water taffy. We're planning on leaving bright and early - by 6:30. Eric's been giving it a hard time and arguing against going down so early, but he's always a scrooge, especially when it comes to the shore. I set my alarm for 4:30 so I can shave and make coffee and breakfast because I want to get down there asap!

Today was also my first day of work at the Bally house for LifePath. I was pretty nervous because I've never had to care for people before. It was actually really nice. My fellow coworkers are super nice and great to work with. They did a good job teaching me everything and after about an hour of showing me around the house (showing me where charts, meds, equipment are, etc) and showing me all the paperwork, I dove in with feeding the consumers. At the end of the shift, I also helped change diapers before bedtime (totally need to work on that) and helped put them to bed. They are such pleasant people to work with, I'm so happy. And the consumers are very responsive; I think I'm going to get attached real easy.

When I came home my dad told me that Mrs. Schleeweiss had called for me. She's the principle at St. Philip's. She wants me to help out as an art aid and on lunch duty this year - she even said that she already has like, 4 dates where she knows she needs a sub and wants me to do it! I'm calling her first thing Wednesday and telling her YES! That means I'll have a job and can stop trying to look for something and can actually start a very in-depth search for a loooong list of grad schools to apply to. I was feeling quite overwhelmed having to look for a job AND grad schools at the same time. Maybe now I can sign up for some night classes at MontCo for French/German/PoliSci courses to boost up my transcripts.

See? Things always find a way to work themselves out. You just have to keep hope! :D