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Like it? I like that it looks more like a travel journal. haha. Ok, a continuation of Bamberg mit Eric! Next up: Nuremberg Zoo with the polar bear cub Flocke! Alright!

This was in the middle of the zoo, but it's the name of the zoo and blah blah blah...


MONKEY!!!! They were actually climbing around OUTSIDE. I wanted to hold one...

PENGUINS! Just for Paulie, I took pictures of the cute little penguins because he likes penguins.

tehe! Look it 'em swimming!



The ugliest pig thing I've ever seen...

Alright Paul, your new mission: get one of THESE! And it has to be this big.

Uh, ok...erm, that's all the photos I have of the zoo. We were there all morning, but you couldn't tell. It started raining just as we were leaving...perfect timing! Next up is the Rosengarten and some random pictures of die Dom.

Die Dom from the front. Large...

tehe, silly Eric.

Um...so that teeny person is actually me. Eric took the picture, so you can't see me. But it certainly gives you a good idea of how large the cathedral is...

tehe, more of silly Eric. This was on the door on the way into the Rosengarten.

There we go, walking into the Rosengarten...

Isn't it so pretty??

Hey! Another Gabelmann? No way! hahaha.

Pretty roses...

More pretty roses...

Eric being silly yet again. He's supposed to be pretending to drink tea.

Ah, a pretty walk way through the Rosengarten...

I ponder the life of a rose...

Yay! Mein Bruder und ich!

Ok, this is a ridiculous picture...

Outside the garden...

And an awesome view of die Dom.

Next up, Fussball in Deutschland! yea! We saw two games in Bamberg on it's beg outdoor screen in a little plaza. Sure we had to pay 2euro to get in, but it was TOTALLY worth it. And Kat and Hannes' friends were pretty cool. And Hannes is totally amusing when a soccer game in on...especially if it's Germany. You'll see why in a minute...

Oh, ok, first a view from our porch. It would rain and then be sunny and hot, and then rain...the weather doesn't know what it wants to be in southern Germany...

Um...these used to be Eric's shorts...but now they're mine. And yes, I have worn them. I wore them on the dig in Israel.

Um...I stole this picture from Kat. But I had no idea she ever took this picture. No. Idea. AND no idea that Eric even did that to me. Thanks a lot, Kat, you're supposed to be on MY side, remember?

Ok, finally, the game! Hannes complained that Kat wasn't supportive enough of her country's football team, so she went crazy for the last game. Actually, this was the game that put Germany in the quarter finals.

They were playing Austria. Ok, the white shirts are Germany and the red are Austria. I'm fairly certain that the player in the black shirt is the goalie for Germany...hang on, I can even give you his name...Jens Lahmann. And I only know that because I have almost all the starting players' stickers from the Duplo chocolate bar candies that Eric likes so much.

Eric getting really into the game. Um, yea....it was super funny.

Aw, Katharina und Hannes!

Ok, THIS is how into the game Hannes is. I also stole this picture from Kat. Hannes was actually posing for a really nice picture of him smiling, but he was also watching the game at the same time right past Kat's head, and JUST as she snapped the picture, there was an exciting play and Hannes made this face. You can see his tonsils, I swear...lol.

Kat all decked out and pretending to enjoy the game. hahaha.

This is the greatest video ever. It's over a minute long, but it's all the Germans (plus Eric) going crazy that Germany won and was in the quarter finals. It was awesome.

On our way home, I saw this sticker stuck to a lamp post. I had to get a picture of it, I loved it.

hahaha, ok, this says, "Fascism ist not a belief but a crime!" I also had to get a picture of that.

*sigh* And then came the next morning and Eric had to leave. It was chilly and super foggy. Kat's dad was driving him to the train station and I went with to say goodbye.
See how foggy it was? And there's Eric, waiting sadly along the road for his ride...

...looking longingly towards home yet reminiscent for his time spent with his sister in Germany.

And how appropriate that the license plate of this car read: HOME.

Alright, and that is all for the Eric in Bamberg with Alli pictures. Actually, that's the end of my Germany pictures, too. Next post will be of Israel. And now, I head out to the museums...I hope they're not closed already. Oh well if they are, I'll wander about in the lovely weather...maybe draw...

Posts with Eric in Bamberg!

So, I know begin the awesome time in Germany that was spent with my widdle brover, Eric. Kat's parents found us a nice little vacation house/apartment to spend the week in (Kat was so bogged down with school work, I felt so bad). So FIRST I shall show you the awesome little apartment we stayed in. It was super tiny, but just fine for two people spending only a week in.

So, my obsession with the bathrooms of places I stay at. Here it is. It was a cute bathroom. Um, the shower is to the right...

The little kitchen! How cute!

Um, this was a little walkway before actually entering the apartment, but it was behind our entrance door...

Hey wait, I swear I had chosen the picture of Eric furiously trying to get out of the bed so I could a picture of the room "exactly as it looks on the website!!" Nuts...well, here's the bedroom/living room. The couch also folded out as a bed. At first we switched back and forth for who would sleep on the couch and who in the bed, but then Eric said he was really comfy on the couch (haha, it was a Big Comfy Couch! Matt, you better remember that show because you were OBSESSED with it!) so I got the bed for, like the last half of the week. woop woop!

It had a TV with cable! ooo! And a phone. And a FAN! That's the most important part. It got pretty hot at some points and that fan was a life saver!

And our little porch outside. We had the responsibility of watering her plants. That was fine with me. It was pleasant to do that. It also had a great view of Bamberg. That netting thing I think was to just keep the bugs out, as like a screen door, but with the door part...

Ok, then later Hannes took us up to see Michaelsberg! It's a cloister church!

This isn't the church, this is a little square by die Dom church. I think it used to be some fancy place for a king or something? I can't quite remember and I never asked for a clearer explanation... But it's the beautiful architecture style. I wish I could remember what it's called!!! Kat! What's it called?!?!

More of it's beauty. This little plaza holds theatre shows during the summer. That's what the lights and seats are set up for.

Ah, and there is die Dom! I have a few more pics of it with Eric coming later...

Yea! We finally made it to Michaelsberg! Established in 1015! It's a Benedictine Cloister! Yea! Monks!!!!!!!!

There it is. Isn't it pretty?

I don't know why there's a statue of Hermes in there, but there is. LOOK, JULIA! IT'S HERMES!!!!

The GORGEOUS vaulted ceiling with its ribbing and clerestory windows... haha, I like knowing a bit about cathedral architecture.

The alter in the center, the fancy gold-covered pulpit on the left where sermons used to be given, in the olden days. I don't think it's used anymore...

I love this black with the gold. It's so pretty...

Alright! I think this is the pope? haha, wait, no, that wretched creature is not the pope. I meant the thing it's crawling under. I's jus' foolin', that creature is Eric. But I'm pretty sure that's the tomb of the only pope buried north of the Alps: Pope Clemence. If you walk...um, crawl under his tomb, it's supposed to be good for your back and bring happiness or something for your life. So of course, with our Catholic "superstition" (haha) we walked under him.

See, there's me going under. Hey! I wonder who the people carved on the tomb are? I can't believe I didn't really look at them while I was there. Oh wait, that's because I was there with Hannes and Eric and had to babysit. haha. The two of them together is just hysterical. I was distracted from everything that I normally look at in a cathedral because I wanted to see what they were doing. Hannes was usually cracking jokes about Catholics (he's Protestant but not really religious) and Eric was running about going "HANNES LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!"

*drools* That's the most beautiful pipe organ I've ever seen. I needed a picture of it.

Outside in the gardens of the cloister. This was a lookout point for Bamberg. Hey, Hannes and Eric! Say CHEESE!

Look! You can see Altenberg!

Hahaha, ok. There's this statue of Poseidon in the middle of Bamberg and it's a big meeting area for young people because it's such an easy place to find. Except that they don't say, "Let's meet at the Poseidon statue!" No they call him "der Gabelmann", which means "the Fork Man!" haha. So here is Eric posing as der Gabelmann with a fork in his hand...except that you can't really see the fork...you'll have to click on the picture to see it well.

Huh, ok, well, now begins the randomness we experienced in Germany. This is actually a picture Eric took of me going through my pictures, and the photo on my laptop is Eric as "der Gabelman"!

hahaha, one of our favorite posters. It says, "Ich bin zu DICK!" which made us laugh the first time we saw it. But in German it's still kinda funny because it says, "I'm too FAT!" It's a poster for a weight loss place. And next to it is an ad for a JOURNEY CONCERT! aaarrrgh! I wanna go!

Ok, this is actually someone's house. Kat said it was the weirdest thing that happened in Bamberg's recent history. Before it grew over completely with ivy, the entire house was painted and decorated just like it's little wall in front. Yes, those are crayons as fence posts...

Here's the back of the house. The front was similar before it grew over with ivy... It was so interesting that I had to take pictures.

Guck! Ein deutscher Dudelsack!!!! (Look it! A German bagpipe!) This photo is just for Matt. :) It looks like it only has like one or two pipes, though. It's a mini-bagpipe!

Ok, then we found this awesome place to play with water by the main bus stop. It was much fun. I have pictures AND video!

Hey! Eric's awesome new jacket! That this is super sweet. Makes him look rad. lol. Ok, this thingy was so cool. You step on it and jump up and down, and the water comes squirting out!

Then I tried it! I think Eric had more fun with it...

Then there was a whirlpool maker thingy! I couldn't do it as well as Eric could. :(

And now I leave you with the videos!!!!! Enjoy!