HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *more maniacal laughter*

I'm done. Steve looked at my final report. He liked it. I didn't even have to make any changes on it. That means he either thinks it's close to perfect or he didn't actually really look at it. haha. erm, heh. Now I just have one more question for him about some basket numbers and then it all gets lumped together baby! wooooooo!!! Yea! And it's 12:30pm! Yea! I didn't make my own deadline, but that's because I reached 10:30pm last night, was almost finished my first report, and was just too tired. So I got up at 7:30am to finish it all. Oh man, I love that it's all DONE!

AAAANNNDD! My sore throat is completely gone. Just have a stuffy nose when I wake up in the mornings, though that may be from the air conditioner in my room because it gets the room wonderfully cold at night. tehe. I even fell asleep fast last night, maybe woke up briefly when I heard Lesley and Marcella complaining about the noisy kids, whom I didn't even hear, and was jolted awake from a dream by my alarm at 7am. I then hit snooze until 7:30. haha.

Oh man, apparently Steve is a hot commodity today. I have just that one question for him but everyone's been jumping in on him as soon as one person is finished discussing things with him. Nuts. I'll get him....

Ok, now...my battery is running low and I forgot my plug in the room. So that is all for now! *jumps for joy*

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Anonymous said...

loved the laughter btw. miss ya Indy :)