Oh, Almost Forgot...

Man, I did that post for Bamberg and realized that I never commented on my first day of classes. They went well...um, I was like 10 minutes late because I didn't realize when it started. oops, haha. Now I know...I think. I'll double check. Half the class is Americans and Canadians, actually. haha. And French. The first person I met was Mahmoud from Egypt! He's middle-aged and lives in a little town smack-dab in the middle along the Suez Canal. That was neat. He's a little weird, though, the way he thinks. It's not cultural because I've been in Israel for 5 weeks; it's him. Just how he explains things or something, I don't know. Whatever. And then there is a Greek girl, a Spanish girl...there may be two, and an Italian girl. I'm pretty sure that's it. I'll double check and let you know. We got stuck in like the smallest room ever and there's 15 of us. One of the Canadian/Americans (because she's lived in both) told me yesterday that the size of my vocabulary was amazing. I was shocked because I think it's so much smaller than everyone else's, but I took it. haha.

Our teacher is really awesome, too. haha, her last name is Schmusch. haha, I like that. She has a lot of energy and is really fun. After class there were four of us who were like, I WANT TO DO SOMETHING! That would be me, another American from Minnesota named Erik (I chuckled to myself), the Spanish girl...uh...Marea! And one of the French girls...erm...damn, she's got bright red, curly hair (redder even than Kristina's! And that's saying something!). Ok, I can't remember the French girl's name right now. I'll get there with the names.

We decided to go to Tiergarten since it was such a nice day; well, it was actually REALLY HOT on Monday and even yesterday, but the evening was soooo nice yesterday. I ended up sending us the wrong way. lol, oops. But Marea wanted to see the Fernsehtorm, so she got to see that. And I found out that the church (I forget its name right now....Mariankirche?) might have Catholic masses in the morning, so I'm gonna look into that. It's Anglican in the afternoons. hahaha. That's what Erik told me, anyways. Oh man, and we saw someone on a bike get hit by a car! It was horrible! The ambulance was there in like a minute, it was amazing. I think maybe just because it was right there to begin with...It seemed that the accident was minor, so thank God.

The Tiergarten is behind Brandenbergertor and Parisean Platz and right next to the Reichstag! I didn't realize that, so it was super awesome to make that connection in my head. We ate at a donner kebab place along the way because we were all hungry. By the time we got to Tiergarten (oh, that's like Central Park for Berlin...), the sun was JUST setting. Which meant it was starting to get dark. So we decided against walking through the park lest we get caught in the dark. Instead we just sat on the lawn in front of the Reichstag. Erik commented on how it was that Germany allows all these people to sit on the lawn there, but in the States, the White House lawn is all gated in and if you get too close, security is like, BACK AWAY MA'AM! Interesting...

Anywho's I just wanted to update everyone on my current status in Berlin. I spent only 15euro on groceries last night and made FRENCH TOAST for breakfast this morning. *drools* That made me happy because I've been DYING for PANCAKES and that's the closest thing I could get without having to entirely make them from scratch. However, my money situation became desperate when they told me that I owed 133euros because I wrote a check in USDollars and it wasn't quite enough. NOOOO! That was $215! So now I have a little less than $200. Yay! But other than that, everything's great. I'll just be refusing dinner outings and living off spaghetti. Those tickets back to Bamberg weren't cheap either, but those were necessary so I can having clothing!

Alright, now I'm going to shower and do my homework! Byes!!!

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