Woo! Chicago, Berkeley, and NYU-ISAW are all in! That brings my completed app count up to 4/5! Johns Hopkins, I think you'll be completed over the break, even though you're not due until January 15th! Here's to hoping...

What an awful week. I'm so glad it's over. I couldn't even think of studying for my Hebrew final today. I think I did alright, but I could have done better if I had had the time to study. I don't think I did nearly as poorly as last semester, though. Oy.

Tonight I've decided to treat my roommate to a healthy homemade meal. We haven't been able to get to the grocery store and get good food for a few weeks now. Since I have nothing urgent on the agenda for tomorrow, I'm going to make some eggplant parm (minus the cheese) for Katy to help relieve her of some of her stress. Not only were her first three apps due today, she also had two Hebrew finals, and a paper due tomorrow by noon. After dinner, I'm going to take my time with my own papers until it's time for a well-deserved drink at the bar with a couple friends, but then back early to look over Katy's paper before bed.

Tomorrow will be spent at the library furiously trying to accomplish one of my papers to give me time for the other before going home!


Feeling Lost

I am not particularly pumped about grad school apps right now. They are due tomorrow. I will submit them but my work will most likely reflect my burnt-out feelings on applications right now. Once the last of my papers is turned in for the semester, I will begin working on Plan B, which I am feeling is more likely to happen than a PhD program right now. Anything involving Cultural Heritage (perhaps the Peace Corps or something of the like) is what I'd like to do. And actually...I'm pretty into that right now. Perhaps I need a break from academia?

On another note, my Columbia prof approved my final paper idea, which I am super excited about: "female-friendly" sex toys. Yep. I'll have to read some feminist theory, thing theory, and performativity. How do "female-friendly" sex toys relate differently to the female body than perhaps "anatomically correct" sex toys? What I have seen so far from just looking at various objects is that they are more smooth, curvy, come in a variety of "feminine" colors, like rose, lilac, and turquoise, or have "extras" that involve "pretty" animals, like butterflies and bunnies. Many models are even made so aesthetically pleasing as to be intended for "display" in the home (one model even came with a display stand!). The more "anatomically correct" models, however, come in colors like red, dark blue, black, or "flesh-colored", with very few "extra features". I find this absolutely fascinating. I think I may argue how these "female friendly" models reflect a new wave in the sex industry to "take the grime" out of sex and promote equality in the bedroom. I still have some research to do on this, though.


Too Amazing

My Akkadian professor sent us all an email to order our new Akkadian grammars for next semester from SBL because they were on sale, 30% off (originally $24, now $17!). When we all went to order this book, this is the screen we got:

At first this was an amazing realization, but we soon realized it just meant that the books are on back order. Sad day. Hopefully we will still get our grammars in time for next semester.

In other news, for those of you who haven't seen me yet, I got my nose pierced! Sometime before I went to San Fransisco.

Yep, it's sexy. haha. Hey, uploading photos since blogger changed their format is super easy now! Watch out blog-o-sphere! I just might add photos to my blog again!


Mid-Week Slump

Ugh, I'm having a hard time motivating myself today! Perhaps this is because our Graduate School Conference Committee was so successful today, so I feel accomplished while having done nothing that actually needs to get done with my own work. I'm sure watching Paula Dean's Christmas special isn't helping, though it is quite entertaining.

Wait a minute...I believe this time last week I also hit a slump. Must be Tuesdays or Wednesdays...

In other news, I learned today that my brother has nearly completed turning in his own college applications. That does it, if he can do it, then I certainly can! My little brother has inspired me!


One Application Down!

I'm glad I decided to write a Diversity Statement for my first application because it really helped me figure out how to end my statement of purpose.

One application done, 4 more to go! Woo! I feel much better about it all now...