Feeling Lost

I am not particularly pumped about grad school apps right now. They are due tomorrow. I will submit them but my work will most likely reflect my burnt-out feelings on applications right now. Once the last of my papers is turned in for the semester, I will begin working on Plan B, which I am feeling is more likely to happen than a PhD program right now. Anything involving Cultural Heritage (perhaps the Peace Corps or something of the like) is what I'd like to do. And actually...I'm pretty into that right now. Perhaps I need a break from academia?

On another note, my Columbia prof approved my final paper idea, which I am super excited about: "female-friendly" sex toys. Yep. I'll have to read some feminist theory, thing theory, and performativity. How do "female-friendly" sex toys relate differently to the female body than perhaps "anatomically correct" sex toys? What I have seen so far from just looking at various objects is that they are more smooth, curvy, come in a variety of "feminine" colors, like rose, lilac, and turquoise, or have "extras" that involve "pretty" animals, like butterflies and bunnies. Many models are even made so aesthetically pleasing as to be intended for "display" in the home (one model even came with a display stand!). The more "anatomically correct" models, however, come in colors like red, dark blue, black, or "flesh-colored", with very few "extra features". I find this absolutely fascinating. I think I may argue how these "female friendly" models reflect a new wave in the sex industry to "take the grime" out of sex and promote equality in the bedroom. I still have some research to do on this, though.

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