Back in NYC

Yay! I'm back! I didn't realize how much I missed this city until I saw the skyline, well before we made it to the tunnels. I love being here, even with the bus/truck/horns/construction work out on Broadway right now that are rampaging in my apartment now and drowning out the music I'm playing on my computer.

My internet is not working in my room. Nuts. Fortunately, Katy and I were able to talk our RA into opening up the other rooms in our apartment to "air them out" *stealsomefurniture* and the internet in Katy's room is working. So I'm stealing her internet until they come fix mine. Everything was surprisingly clean! I'm not sure if that's because we scrubbed this place till it sparkled before we left or if they actually did clean it before we arrived. I was told that some people did stay here over the summer, but I don't know if it was this apartment.

Yesterday I successfully submitted my encyclopedia entry! Writing a 1500 character (including spaces) piece is insanely difficult. That's less than a page/two small paragraphs! But this means I'll be published (if they decide to include the piece)!!! I had to sign a contract and everything! I feel special, like I did something important, took one small step towards advancing my career! Now I just need to get the PhD applications rolling and all will be well!


Final Countdown!

It's starting to come to a close! Just a few more days until I move back to NYC! I have a lot left to do (including some major Hebrew studying). There's not much to pack but enough to make me start feeling rushed.

I spent the afternoon yesterday with Cassie shopping. It was a lot of fun and a good time (and successful, even though I didn't get what I went for).

I still have three days left of working but you gotta do what you gotta do to get some money for school!

Alright, back to packing and studying.


Too Pooped to Poop but Ready for the Challenge

Man, the last two weeks have left me EXHAUSTED. Six day hike on the Appalachian Trail followed immediately by a day of work and then three days at Cape Lookout, NC! I did sleep in more than usual this morning (9:45!) but I am still feeling out of it, even after two cups of coffee!

It was a really nice two week, though. I cleared my mind of a lot of things and set my emotions in check. I pushed myself to new limits and, though I didn't always meet them with grace, I know what I can do. I learned a lot about myself and further set myself on track. I was already feeling confident about the direction my future was headed after Gezer, but now I'm sure of it. I took back all my confidence and then some. I have overcome all my emotional baggage and am prepared for the extremely difficult six months ahead of me. Though I am not feeling particularly focused at the moment, my mind is set in one direction and I am ready for the challenges ahead.

There's a lot to do but I am organizing myself and I am not going to give up. I am feeling stronger than ever (emotionally and physically), my endurance is high, and my self-reliance is set. I will achieve what I want and I will find whatever way into it necessary, but I've made back-up plans because I still remember the pangs of failure.

The last two weeks have taught me to minimize necessities, be thankful for what I have, and appreciate the people in my life. These have been the most life altering and stone-setting weeks of my life and I will never forget them. I needed these experiences more than I realized.