Back in NYC

Yay! I'm back! I didn't realize how much I missed this city until I saw the skyline, well before we made it to the tunnels. I love being here, even with the bus/truck/horns/construction work out on Broadway right now that are rampaging in my apartment now and drowning out the music I'm playing on my computer.

My internet is not working in my room. Nuts. Fortunately, Katy and I were able to talk our RA into opening up the other rooms in our apartment to "air them out" *stealsomefurniture* and the internet in Katy's room is working. So I'm stealing her internet until they come fix mine. Everything was surprisingly clean! I'm not sure if that's because we scrubbed this place till it sparkled before we left or if they actually did clean it before we arrived. I was told that some people did stay here over the summer, but I don't know if it was this apartment.

Yesterday I successfully submitted my encyclopedia entry! Writing a 1500 character (including spaces) piece is insanely difficult. That's less than a page/two small paragraphs! But this means I'll be published (if they decide to include the piece)!!! I had to sign a contract and everything! I feel special, like I did something important, took one small step towards advancing my career! Now I just need to get the PhD applications rolling and all will be well!

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