Too Pooped to Poop but Ready for the Challenge

Man, the last two weeks have left me EXHAUSTED. Six day hike on the Appalachian Trail followed immediately by a day of work and then three days at Cape Lookout, NC! I did sleep in more than usual this morning (9:45!) but I am still feeling out of it, even after two cups of coffee!

It was a really nice two week, though. I cleared my mind of a lot of things and set my emotions in check. I pushed myself to new limits and, though I didn't always meet them with grace, I know what I can do. I learned a lot about myself and further set myself on track. I was already feeling confident about the direction my future was headed after Gezer, but now I'm sure of it. I took back all my confidence and then some. I have overcome all my emotional baggage and am prepared for the extremely difficult six months ahead of me. Though I am not feeling particularly focused at the moment, my mind is set in one direction and I am ready for the challenges ahead.

There's a lot to do but I am organizing myself and I am not going to give up. I am feeling stronger than ever (emotionally and physically), my endurance is high, and my self-reliance is set. I will achieve what I want and I will find whatever way into it necessary, but I've made back-up plans because I still remember the pangs of failure.

The last two weeks have taught me to minimize necessities, be thankful for what I have, and appreciate the people in my life. These have been the most life altering and stone-setting weeks of my life and I will never forget them. I needed these experiences more than I realized.

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