Procrastination...it's a bitch!

I have 3 papers all due next week grossing over 50 pages and what am I doing? Updating my blog! It's okay, at least I do have one page for each of them started. ;)

I went to an art gallery opening tonight at the JTS library and I know two of the artists in residence! It was a lot of fun, especially since I know so many people there. Graduate school really is so much...different than I was expecting. Don't get me wrong, it's absolutely amazing and I imagined that it would be amazing, but not this kind of amazing.

People are so warm and friendly and welcoming. I managed to make some really great friendships and everyone really supports the heck out of each other! I mean, come on, grad school's tough! I didn't imagine there would be this much comradery! Everyone is so supportive and caring; everyone's there for the same thing, but what the hell, we need to make the most of it, too!

Today was also the last day of my lunchtime reading program. My child was pretty upset that we weren't going to see each other next week or for the rest of the summer. But I told her I'd make sure we were paired up together again next year. It's nice that the program let's us do that.

Today has been very strange, weather-wise. But right now the view is absolutely gorgeous.

I also emailed a woman in charge of group visitor volunteering at the MET (thanks to a lovely friend with whom I went to school and is currently volunteering there). I don't really need a museum internship but I figured at least being able to get in there and do something, anything, would be good. This would be for next school year. Looking forward to hearing back about that!

Alright, I only have maybe an hour left of time alone in my room, so I better make the most of it by being as productive as I can!


An Awkward Experience

I had the most awkward and semi-frightening experience in my life tonight. We decided to go for a late night dinner at Tom's Diner and of course I got a milkshake. mmm. Near the end of our enormous and delicious meals I noticed a very animated figure looking into the diner at me through the street window. It was the homeless guy who frequents the diner, waiting for diners with extra change in their pockets. He was laughing and pointing wildly at me and my plate of fries. I tried to hide my face in humiliation as I desperately tried to explain why my face was suddenly red without moving my mouth in case he could read lips! Katy nearly squirt her milkshake out her nose she was laughing so hard. He taunted me for a good 5 minutes before walking around the corner, cigarette dangling out his mouth, laughing and pointing, and finally disappearing from view.



Looking forward to the summer!

Yay! I have work for the summer! Looks like my summer will be equal parts work, play, and study!

Work = working at the home and digging!
Play = digging and Israel!
Study = Hebrew, German, and French independent language study!

This summer is going to fly by!