An Awkward Experience

I had the most awkward and semi-frightening experience in my life tonight. We decided to go for a late night dinner at Tom's Diner and of course I got a milkshake. mmm. Near the end of our enormous and delicious meals I noticed a very animated figure looking into the diner at me through the street window. It was the homeless guy who frequents the diner, waiting for diners with extra change in their pockets. He was laughing and pointing wildly at me and my plate of fries. I tried to hide my face in humiliation as I desperately tried to explain why my face was suddenly red without moving my mouth in case he could read lips! Katy nearly squirt her milkshake out her nose she was laughing so hard. He taunted me for a good 5 minutes before walking around the corner, cigarette dangling out his mouth, laughing and pointing, and finally disappearing from view.


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