While my parents were listening to phone messages last night, they heard one from Abby Eisenberg of the Jewish Theological Seminary telling me I was accepted with a fellowship for 1/4 of my tuition!!!!! Now I need to set up a visit with them too. I'm gonna have to look for a day I'm off from the school...hmm...

Stuart came over last night, too. We had a nice time, went to an Asian restaurant and had some tasty miso soup and sushi. Then we rented The Men Who Stare at Goats. It was an odd movie but it was funny. I really enjoyed it.

Ok, I need to get moving so I'm not late for work!


Hopefully the letters will start rolling in now...

Well, I got an email from Brown. You automatically know you're not in if they email your letter to you. Ok, they didn't email reject me, they emailed me to check my letter on their website. That's how you know you're not in. Alright, whatever. It was Brown.

Sorry Melissa, no Emma Watson. haha.

But I'm starting to get really excited when I think about living in DC and going to school at Catholic U, so I'm ok this.

Yep, they're rollin right in. 'Nother rejection from Johns Hopkins. But like I said, I'm getting more and more excited about Catholic U. The rejections hurt a little less when you at least know you won't be thrown out in the cold again.

Now I just need to hear back from UPenn, Boston, and the Jewish Seminary.


Second Grad School Letter

Unfortunately I was not accepted into Bryn Mawr, my number one choice for graduate school. That's alright, it was doctorate program and I'm sure they were looking more for MA students. I'm slightly disappointed but not so much because I at least know that I will be going somewhere in the fall. I have at least one place I can go.

Other bad news was getting an email from the Jewish Theological Seminary saying they're missing 2 of my recommendation letters AND my GRE scores. I had sent a reminder to everyone who I asked to write a recommendation letter at the end of February when I submitted my application to make sure they all emailed the recommendation. Much easier for them to do than snail mail, that's for sure. Dr. Knauth's email was the only received recommendations and Dr. Gaber told me that she had already submitted her recommendation. Dr. Johnson's was the second one to be received but Dr. Cagle and Dr. Gaber's still haven't arrived. As for the GRE scores, I was hoping they'd arrive by March 1st but wasn't counting on it. Having heard that they still haven't received them, even though I got a receipt from ETS last Wednesday confirming that they submitted them, concerns me. I emailed them back to let them know about the paper receipt I got from them and where exactly they sent them to in order to make sure they weren't just misplaced. Stupidness.

But I have been busy - I submitted my FAFSA, and since I've already completed my federal return, I don't have to worry about a thing as far as "fixing" anything. I included all the schools I applied to (minus Bryn Mawr, since that's the only negative answer I've heard so far). Oh, and I didn't send it to UPenn either, because apparently they don't exist, according to the FAFSA website. No matter what combination of searches I included ("PA", "Philadelphia", "UPenn", "Univ of Penn", "Univ of Pennsylvania", etc) it did not show up. Well, whatevs. If I receive an acceptance letter from them (though I'm not too certain I will) I'll just have to ask them for their federal school code.

Ok, time to get ready for work tonight.