Hopefully the letters will start rolling in now...

Well, I got an email from Brown. You automatically know you're not in if they email your letter to you. Ok, they didn't email reject me, they emailed me to check my letter on their website. That's how you know you're not in. Alright, whatever. It was Brown.

Sorry Melissa, no Emma Watson. haha.

But I'm starting to get really excited when I think about living in DC and going to school at Catholic U, so I'm ok this.

Yep, they're rollin right in. 'Nother rejection from Johns Hopkins. But like I said, I'm getting more and more excited about Catholic U. The rejections hurt a little less when you at least know you won't be thrown out in the cold again.

Now I just need to hear back from UPenn, Boston, and the Jewish Seminary.

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