Everything happens all at once!

Shortly after I decided to slow down on the job hunt, Katy called me with a potential job offer out in San Francisco!

Long story short: I got the job!

You're now reading about the new Client Services Associate for a brand spanking new ebooks publishing and distribution company! I'm pretty pumped. It's a real fast turn around, so I have to organize myself in two weeks. I already got my plane ticket, and my darling mama will be joining me.

It means putting Israel on hold for a bit, but that was starting to look like it might take a while. My January goal will be blasted away, unfortunately. First, I must accumulate grant money, and this real world job will help me store up for the winter.

Speaking of Israel, I managed to get a very positive reaction from my church about the cemetery in Akko! I won't be around this weekend during the collection, but I think things will be good.

So things are moving along and life is finally starting for me. Oh, us silly 20-somethings these days and our late starts to life. Things will go well, I do not doubt. I'm looking forward to being on my own again and getting to spend some time with my cousin who is out there, too! Oh yea, and the pay won't be so awful to deal with either. ;)