Back in the USA

Well I'm back. I wasn't quite ready to leave Israel because I'd been there a whole week shorter than usual. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and really missed everyone I was so used to seeing every summer. I'm really going to miss it since it's not happening again next summer. It's such a unique experience and it's starting to feel like a return home.

Now I'm just coping with some severe exhaustion and trying to get things together for my excursion on the Appalachian trail with Denise, Hazel and Mr. Flack! Hazel has informed me that Monday night calls for thunderstorms. Awesome. Luckily that reminded me that I need to get me a couple pairs of good socks.

Tomorrow I'm spending the day at the library yet again to get hopefully what is the last of the research I need for my little research project. I'm going to bed early tonight to try to catch up on some sleep and make myself get up early!

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