A Sort of Day Off

Blah, I'm getting a soar throat from a post nasal drip! Stupid ancient dirt and air conditioning drying out my sinuses!

This weekend is much more relaxed. I'll be catching up on paperwork today (I also slept in!), maybe hitting the pool, since I haven't been there yet since I've arrive. Tomorrow we're all heading for a special tour of the recently discovered sewer system in the City of David and the newly renovated and reopened Israel museum. I'm feeling pretty groggy from sleeping in on some choppy sleep but I'm glad to have a small break.

It looks like I again am one of the supervisors who will continue digging after our official last day of digging (there's usually a couple areas chosen to keep digging for various reasons). This means that yet again I will be continuing paperwork after most everyone else is finished with paperwork! Good thing I got an early start and kept on top of things along the way this year.

I still need to make some time for a short visit with some Israeli friends and a trip back to Hebrew University or the Albright for some final research on my little publication project!

Hmm...I think I need some time at the pool...

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