Too Amazing

My Akkadian professor sent us all an email to order our new Akkadian grammars for next semester from SBL because they were on sale, 30% off (originally $24, now $17!). When we all went to order this book, this is the screen we got:

At first this was an amazing realization, but we soon realized it just meant that the books are on back order. Sad day. Hopefully we will still get our grammars in time for next semester.

In other news, for those of you who haven't seen me yet, I got my nose pierced! Sometime before I went to San Fransisco.

Yep, it's sexy. haha. Hey, uploading photos since blogger changed their format is super easy now! Watch out blog-o-sphere! I just might add photos to my blog again!


kat said...

ooh.. that piercing looks really sexay ;D
did it hurt?

and i would love photos in your blog posts ;D

alli said...

No, surprisingly, it didn't hurt! She had me do breathing exercises as she did it to lessen any pain. Just a little pinch that made my eyes tear up.