I am so sick of it being hot....

Man, I just want it to cool down...or rain. But it's summer in Israel, not gonna happen. I want coolness. I was looking at the weather in Germany right now: rainy and mid 20's (in Celcius). That's absolutely the perfect weather I'm wanting right now. Gimme!!!!! 9 days left to finish our crazy excavations and write up all our reports and finish section drawings and filling out locus sheets - OMG STOP, ALLI, YOU'RE GONNA MAKE YOURSELF GO CRAZY!!!

*sigh* So the end of the week was just as stressful as the beginning. They wanted me to go MUCH faster, so they gave me 5 more people and had them just hauling dirt out of my square. And what happens on Friday half way through the day? Smashed and almost whole vessels in situ. That meant slowing down, using small tools, cleaning for photographs. We needed to get them out before the end of the day, too, so as not to risk looting on our site. Yea, we didn't get them out...so we had to cover them up with dirt to protect them. ugh...this means MORE work on Monday, which is supposed to be our last day of excavation. Tuesday is mass clean up. Wednesday is final photos and final party. Thursday is last minute work in the dig house and cleaning up in the dig house. The volunteers leave at midnight. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are final reports for supervisors. Most of the supervisors are leaving Sunday night. I leave super early Monday morning. Luckily, Steve will still be around (he's not leaving until Wednesday), so I have a ride to the airport!

Tomorrow is a free day in Jerusalem, and I'm looking forward to get a new bag to replace the one I bought last year since it's mostly broke. We're also hoping to go see a movie and maybe check out one of the archaeology museums. If we can get all our paperwork finished.

Yesterday at one point I noticed something hurty in the back of my mouth. I realized I had some large bump and thought it was probably just a sore from stress (because I get them a lot in my mouth when I'm stressed out). But then after a super long time at the pool and after dinner, I realized that whatever it is that the nurse (or my mommy!) feels under my jaw is all swollen on the right side. And our nurse had just left for her flight home. So I'm just gonna take it easy as much as possible. I've been getting sniffles on and off for the last half of being here, so it might just be something with that.

Alright, I've got a little less than an hour to finish putting up pictures of things! Most especially, Germany. My pictures are still from Germany. Darn...soooo behind!!!!

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LaRue said...

Hi Sweetheart, It was so good to see and hear you today. Take care of yourself and see if you can access a health center so they can do a culture of your throat. Drink plenty of fluids...a lot!