So Tired

I'm tired.
I'm tired of paperwork.
I'm tired of my throat hurting.
I'm tired of feeling hot.
I'm tired of not having some free time.
I'm tired of walking up that Tel.
I'm tired of not knowing what exactly it is I'm doing.
I'm tired of getting mixed messages from my Field Supervisor and the Directors.
I'm tired of feeling like I'm failing at this.

I just want to sleep and I want to come home. But first, I must go to Germany and learn some more German. *sigh* Fine.


Anonymous said...

ooo man Al I'm sorry. I think your the shit and ummm you'll never be a failure in my eyes. Umm i umm lov ya kid.
only 4 more weeks until the trinity is reunited. then awesome gloryness shall begin.
woot woot praise be to us.

Laura said...

just to let you know that my mom and i went through all your posts and she wanted me to tell you that she 'thoroughly enjoyed' it. haha, we both love and miss you!

Momma said...

I know that you are going to feel better soon. We all love you and we all miss you!
You are AWESOME!!
Keep your head up, you're gonna be home soon!