Feeling Better

I just want to say thank you to everyone who sent me encouraging words last night/this morning. I want to let you all know that I am feeling SIGNIFICANTLY better today. I got my biggest worry (my west balk drawing) out of the way a few hours after I made my post, and then realized that I just had to go over my Locus sheets, make my phasing chart, and write my report (which only needs to be like 2 pages!)...I'm sure none of you understood any of that, but it has made me feel so much better!

Unfortunately, my area supervisor left for good last night, so I can't go over my Locus sheets with him or ask him all of my questions. I asked another assistant supervisor in my field (sweet sweet Bonnie) about what she is doing, and she said she had gone over everything with our sweet sweet seasoned supervisor Lin and that she helped out TREMENDOUSLY. So pretty much right after I finish up this post, I'm going over and talking with her.

Lesley, Marcella, Bonnie, and I made an artificial deadline for ourselves for 10pm tonight (the actual deadline is sometime on Saturday). This way we can spend ALL DAY Saturday doing NOTHING. And then most everyone leaves me that night. So then I get ALL DAY Sunday to just hang out, internet, go to the pool, pack...who knows? My flight leaves Monday morning 5am. Steve Ortiz, our lovely director, will be driving me. After a brief layover in Zurich, I should arrive in Berlin at 10:40am. yay! Berlin!!!!!

Ok, back to paperwork. Sorry if I made anyone worry with that last post...

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