Worst Day of Work Ever

I feel so horrible. Lunch was going really well today until the older kids came in. It was picture day so everyone got to dress down and wear whatever they wanted so I think they were a little hyper. Well, 8th grade cleaners who wipe down the tables after lunch everyday were spraying some of the other kids and so I had the entire class stay up in their homeroom with their teacher to talk about it. They all got checks. I've had to tell mostly everyone at one point or another. All of them. Got checks. It's Paul's first check (surprise, mom) and it was from his big sister. I'm sure it was Isabel's first check, too. I actually sat in my car and cried about it for about 5 minutes afterward. I don't think I can give another check again.

I always use it to threaten the kids and yell at them when they're misbehaving, but I've never used it ever, and now I never will again. ;___;


Denise said...

what exactly does a check do?

alli said...

checks are giving to students for disrespectful, disruptive, or bad behavior or for missing homework assignments.

2 checks in one week = a demerit
2 demerits = a detention
2 detentions = suspension

once Paul told me that I felt a little less mean. he told me they clear the checks at the end of the week, so they start fresh each week.