New Pictures!!

Alright, so Denise made some posts about our last few weeks at school. Now, seeing as many people who read Denise's blog also read my blog, I will spare them because I actually don't have any of the pictures of these events since I lost my camera battery charger. Oh yea, I wanted to go buy a new one today...

Anywho, instead of reposting all the same pictures that Denise did, I'm just going to put in the link to her blog posts.

First, Medieval Lyco! This was an event our History Club began, and they wanted a kind of Renaissance Faire for Lycoming to happen annually. So here are pictures to the first one of it's kind! --->CLICK HERE FOR MEDIEVAL LYCO<----

Next up, Dance Show!!! Denise and I were partners for Latin and then Denise and Rosalyn also did Country Line. I couldn't do Country Line this last semester because I had a class at the same time as their practices. :( --->CLICK HERE FOR DANCE SHOW<---

Third, everything we did during Earth Week! But the kayaking place didn't take any pictures of me kayaking!!!! =( That makes me very hurt because I was the one who organized the whole thing. Oh wells, there are some good pictures of Stuart! haha. Also included are some pictures of David Radcliff of The New Community Project when he came to talk about "Less is More" in regards to living respectfully to our neighbors and the earth. Our Earth Day celebration is in there. We took over Pennington Lounge and had a big party with a small band, tie-dying, potted plants, pine cone bird feeders, and a raffle to raise money for the New Community Project. That night Kevin tried teaching Melissa how to swim. Very amusing. But he did a much better job than Denise and I have done. She actually sort of started swimming by the end of it! --->CLICK HERE FOR OUR LAST WEEK OF LYCO EVER<---

And lastly Denise posted about all the awards ceremonies we went to during that last week. They were the Leadership Awards Banquet (Melissa won two awards!) and Honors Convocation. I got an award for my work and GPA in Archaeology with Kirsten Darby (I love that girl). Melissa won FIVE AWARDS! It was so awesome. Lala also got an award for Business! --->CLICK HERE FOR AWARDS CEREMONIES<---

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