So much cooking makes me sleepy...

Man, usually when I cook I'm just starving, but this much cooking makes me sleepy. Eric and I succeeding in making a giant tub of tomato sauce filled with a huge ring of sausage and a small ring of hot Italian sausage, and 3 pans full of meatballs, all for the party on Saturday. Tomorrow: the penne. We're freezing everything until the morning of the party.

I was going to then make my famous ginger teriyaki chicken with some sticky rice, but I just found out that no one will be home to eat it. Guess I'll just have to make that another night. Chicken's already thawed though. Nuts. Mom called around 2pm saying that she's trying to find someone to cover for her but with no luck, she'll most likely have to go take a client on a 6pm appointment to DuPont Hospital (I believe it's in Delaware) and my dad has to leave for Matt's pipe lessons at 4:30, which means they're eating on the road. So it's just gonna be Eric, Paul, and me for dinner, I guess. Hmm...maybe we'll just sneak some meatballs with sauce. ;-)

I'm sooo sleepy. Maybe I'll lie down for a minute until dad comes home for Matt...
Oh, and for those of you who don't get Denise's blog, she put up some pics from graduation: "I graduated...now I'm like smart and stuff". Enjoy!

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