Lists, Lists, Lists

Alright, maybe I need to go back to making myself lists. Only instead of making them because I'm so damned busy and will forget something, it's because I'm so damned NOT busy that I'm not motivated to do them. So here we go.

To Do List:
  • Fix my savings account at Sovereign to a checking so I stop losing so much money
  • Buy Archaeology tools: online tool kit with essentials?; Marshalltown trowel!; large water bottle; pocket knife
  • Finish application for Archdiocese: get that background, fingerprint, and child abuse history clearance!
  • Fill out applications for museums
Remember To Do This Each Day List:
  • Start running each morning and finish up with a meditation session
  • REMEMBER TO EAT BREAKFAST! Probably is why you’re losing focus
  • Keep laundry and dishes going
  • Clean fish tank
  • Learn more yummy recipes to have dinner ready for the family when everyone comes home
  • Keep up with the gardening
Maybe this will keep me on track. Unfortunately, I've already hit a curve. My keyboard went crazy again and I took my frustration out on it and mashed the keys, like ya do to try and make it work, you know. Well...broke the "T" key. Nuts. I also cut my finger doing it. Lots of blood. Well, maybe that'll make me work at saving my money a little more for that awesome Mac book I want so bad. Well, I'm gonna end this and get started on that long list.

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Katha's Welt said...

good luck keeping up with all your plans :)

sounds like a lot of stuff you have to remember! running is great..i did it for about.. erm .. two weeks then i forgot about it again :/ i hate that i can't just DO IT!

you're so nice to cook for everyone :) and a macbook.. well ..actually.. that would be totally awesome!!

so, is everyone home for summer now? so i can send packages to everyone?!

hugs and kisses,