BDay Recap!

Man, Eric's birthday was almost a disaster, but it pulled through to be a super nice evening! Eric wanted my dad's chicken man chicken recipe, so I went to the store and bought some chicken and other eating items! Momma started making it (I didn't want to be responsible for ruining the recipe...little did I know...), and went out to turn on the grill and started cooking the chicken. Then like 45 minutes later I hear my mom yelling outside and Eric is running around yelling at me to do something and I was super confused. I go outside to see flames shooting up out of the grill!!! I just stood there looking stupid because I didn't know what to do! Eric was running around and my mom was standing there trying to get the chicken out, which just caused more greece to spill into the flames. Finally my mom was like GET A PAN GET A PAN! NO! GET MORE PANS! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? FILL THEM UP WITH WATER! And then Eric was like, NO! THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER! GET THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER! And me WE HAVE A FIRE EXTINGUISHER?! And then as Eric was getting the hose my mom goes NO! NO WATER! IT'S A GREECE FIRE! HOW THE HELL DO YOU PUT OUT A GREECE FIRE?! Well, she knows how if it's in the oven (close the door and turn off the heart) or on the stove (put a lid over it), but we couldn't smother the flames out because the grill has too many oxygen holes, and it's too damned big to use a lid. Finally Eric was like, NO! JORDAN SAID SALT! ONE TIME WE USED SALT! GET THE SALT! And mom I USED THE LAST OF THE SALT FOR THE RECIPE! And me NO! THERE'S MORE SALT IN THE CLOSET! I'LL GO GET IT!

Looking back it was all pretty damn hysterical, but at the time we were freaking out. We did manage to save the chicken, though! Most of them had the skin burnt, but all was fine. We put them in the oven to make sure they were cooked all the way through. We had a pretty fun time recounting it for Grammom and Grampop and Cassie, though! After dinner we had some DQ ice cream cake (according to Eric, the only kind one should buy), and then Cass, Eric, mom, dad, and I went out to this brand new place for some drinks, The Wing Man Bar & Grill. It was a really nice place inside! I think I may just go back there! We all sat down at the bar but Cass and I were a little slow getting into the seats and the barman got mom, dad, and Eric's drinks first. Then he came up to Cass and I and was like, "Could I see some ID, girls?" We both just turned and glared at Eric, who let out his evil cackle, and mom and dad started laughing. Dad said to the barman, "No, no, you're supposed to card him!" Damn Eric and his looking much older than me!!! *shakes fist* But that's ok because when I'm 50 and look 40 he'll look 60! mwahahahaha!

Anyways, lots to do today - bank, insurance, clean the kitchen which looks like a train went through it, help Grammom with weeding! :D Better get in the shower then!

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