Yay!!! It's Eric's 21st! FINALLY! I'm so excited about it! My job today is to go out and get him a present (my mom says it has to be a mug with his name inscribed on it? It's apparently "the 21st" present?). I don't remember that. Anways, it's also my job to buy the birthday dinner. He wants my dad's chicken man recipe, which means I probably shouldn't try it without him around. I don't wanna mess it up. lol. So I'm up early to get all this done in time to pick up Matt so we can all go buy nice (or funny, in the boys' case) birthday cards. I may even take them to the mall to see if they want to get him anything special. Then the boys have separate band lessons tonight. The neighbors are taking Paul to Hamilton Pipe Band's practice and we're taking Matt up to Lehigh Valley's practice. Then we're leavin' the boys at home and going out on the town to take Eric out for his first LEGAL drink! woop! haha.

This means I'm also skipping my running routine this morning. My legs are sore anyways, lol. Also, ever since I ran yesterday, I started getting a nasal drip and a sore throat. What the heck? I thought exercise is supposed to make you feel healthier? Psh, oh wells. Probably allergies. I need to find some Claritin in this house!
Also, I am now working on THREE applications: one for the Archdiocese for teaching, one to sign up as a volunteer at UPenn (maybe they'll like me so much they'll let me in their school!), and the last one is for Student Conservation Association. The last one I found while searching through Valley Forge's website to find something about volunteering (or paid work...), but it's not necessarily archaeology. They work with national parks and do a wide range of things, like Fire Hazard Crews, plant conservation stuff, trail making, stuff with rocks, but they also have archaeology stuff! I'm going to apply for a bunch of stuff, but the application is SO extensive, that after an hour and half and only being halfway through it, I decided to give it a break! Sheesh. But I'd either get some kind of internship which wouldn't be paid, but I would get a kind of stipend, or an actual job. Hopefully they give me something close to home? Most of the actual jobs were in New Hampshire, Washington state, California, Maine, but Washington, D.C. was on the list, and PA was mentioned for ONE job out in Pittsburgh. Well, we'll see.

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