Well, my last final ever. Done. And I think I did pretty well. It took me an hour and 15 minutes and I filled almost the whole blue book (one-sided pages, though...pencil is icky when you write on both sides). It hasn't kicked in yet, though. Maybe after a shower and after lunch it will. Or maybe it won't until the car's packed up and I'm driving home.

Oh well, shower, lunch, grading, correcting German essays...pick up more grading. Packing and cleaning will be splashed in there somewhere. But yay for grading so I can have some money at least for the beginning of summer until I find a job!!!

Oh yea, I went to Rickett's Glen with Stuart yesterday. That was so nice. Denise and I also spent some time playing video games with Jordan and Eric. That was nice, too. Wonder what I'm doing tomorrow...

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Denise said...

Tomorrow you are spending time with me...our last hours together on a college campus....*sniff*sniff*....*sobs uncontrollably*