The Last Three Weeks of College...

I'm following suite with Cassie and writing out my last month of school. This week I have nothing - there's a movie I have to watch Monday night, which means I can't watch Heroes, and I also need to let my club know that someone else needs to go to the last Town Meeting. Thursday I'm skipping my ceramics class to go home early for Easter (which means I should probably give extra time to it during the week - I need a soft slab and three thrown cylinders and I'm done. But I have no idea what I'm gonna do). I'm so excited to go home!!! I can't wait!!! This week I also need to do research hard core for my web page project with Heather (Tyrants of Ancient Greece!) and my exegesis paper for Hebrew (look up the word "to kill" in the Commandment "Thou shalt not kill" - Analyze it, look up the number of times it's used in the Bible and look at it's contextual use there - What else can this word mean? - Why did the author use this specific word "rtsH" as opposed to the most commonly used word for kill "moot"?). These will be severely worked on over Easter break, along with looking for jobs, trying to get an appointment with UPenn, and looking over all my options with my parents, whom I think will give me the best advice I need right now. Ok, ON TO THE LIST!

Mon 4/13 - 5pm making/eating dinner for David Radcliff; 7pm David Radcliff's talk
Tues 4/14 - 5pm English Society PDR
Wed 4/15 - History Web Project Due
4pm Phi Sigma Iota Induction Ceremony
5pm Leadership and Service Awards Banquet
Thurs 4/16 - 7pm Sean Diamond talk - I guess I have to miss it because I have class and we're not allowed to ask for any more days off...
Fri 4/17 - Hebrew Exegesis Due
Sat 4/18 - 12pm-3pm LEAF Rock Wall
Sun 4/19 - 9am Stream Clean Up
1:30pm Honors Convocation (my parents are coming up! Yay!)
2pm - Dance Show Rehearsal (guess which thing I'm skipping because these two events overlap?)
Mon 4/20 - History Book Review Due
6:30pm Dance Show Final Rehearsal - 9pm actual Show
Tues 4/21 - Focus the Nation? (shit, I keep forgetting to call this guy!!!)
Wed 4/22 - 4:30pm LEAF PDR
6pm-9pm Earth Day Celebrations
Thurs 4/23 - final German essay due?
7pm LEAF Tie-Dye Party
Fri 4/24 - Spring Concert (I don't think I'm gonna go to this - I'm just going to want to sleep by the end of this week)
Sat 4/15 - late morning or late afternoon? LEAF Kayak Trip
5pm Senior Celebration at DiSalvo's (skipping if kayak trip is in the evening)

I'm too stressed at this moment looking at everything to even think about Finals yet, so they're not going up. Well, time for breakfast and then on to work! Later today, Denise, Melissa, and I are getting graduation pictures done together!!! I'm so excited! But I still don't know what to wear....

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