The Chinese Really DO Have the Magical Herbs!!!!

The whole weekend, Stuart's been sick. Friday he was complaining of a sore throat. Saturday he was complaining of a sore throat even more. Sunday it was the sore throat and chills. Oh shit. I make him lay down in bed, put the blankets on him, give him some nyquil, and try to warm him up. I went to bed half an hour later and he literally burned me when I laid down. I couldn't touch him! But an hour an a half later, he was ripping off his clothes because he was hot. I figured that was a good sign. I took his temperature in the morning and he was 100degrees. He skipped all his classes and I made sure he was sleeping, drinking tea, and taking either advil or nyquil to quench the fever. By 3 I told him he had to go to health services, so he made an appointment for today.

Later that night as I was making him tea and asked Lala if she had any honey because that would sooth his throat. She said, "Oh no, not honey! Boil some ginger! You drink that when you have cough or sore throat." "Oh?" And in her is-she-being-serious-or-not? voice, she said, "Yes, ginger is magic Chinese herb." So I boiled some. I made him a lot, though, I didn't realize how much it was going to make. It was a whole tall glass of it. Half way through it he said, "Oh my god, Lala, my throat is actually already feeling better." She was like, "Whaa? See, I told you it's magic Chinese herb! This is what they did in China like when my mom was a kid, when there wasn't enough medicine." I do believe it goes waaaaaay further than that!

When I came back from a HORRID David Lynch film, I took his temp again: Perfectly normal. Dude, ginger all the way. I'm never taking western medicine for sore throats again.


jord said...

what david lynch movie? eraserhead?

alli said...

That must be the only one people ever know. No, we've seen Blue Velvet, Twin Peeks (that's the one that had me really upset), Elephant Man, and Lost Highway. Next we're set to see Mulhollund Drive. I really don't like his movies...