Yay! I have Internets!

So, haha. I figured out why I couldn't get my internet to work. Yea, my wireless card was turned off. Yep, that's me for ya. haha, oh wells. But now I can Skype without any problems! Yay!

Well, tonight it's already a bit late, but I should hope to get some pictures up tomorrow during some down time...when I get downtime. Um, but it's like 10:30pm now...and breakfast is at 7am. So I should probably get to bed now...or at least soon. And copy down our timetable that's written on the board in here.

Some things I super missed about Israel:
  • the crazy music video channel with really weird French music
  • Bravo juice...mmmm...
  • the wafer cookies
  • the lovely sea breezes from noon on
  • the pottery washing area
  • the dig house
  • the drippy air conditioning
  • the crazy drivers
  • that the airport's architecture attempts to copy the ancient Middle Eastern look
Things I'm looking forward to/am already happy about for this year:
  • so many people who've returned from last year and are now supervisors (Lesley, Marcella, Jason, Mindy, Bonnie!)
  • so many people who will be joining us whom I already know (Kristina and Heather!)
  • possibly running my own square (also scared to death for this)
  • the first day working on the tel
  • the first grocery store run
  • the first trip into Jerusalem
  • a trip to Tel Aviv and a stop at Eran's cafe and Jaffa for the best hummus in Israel (or at least Tel Aviv)
  • swimming in the Mediterranean
  • keeping up to date with the UEFA Cup (um...I don't know what exactly it stands for, but it's the European World Cup). I'm getting live commentary from ESPNLive right now for the Germany-Portugal game! GO GERMANY! BOO RENALDO YOU WHINY BABY! (Kat, make sure you tell Hannes about that last bit. Stupid Renaldo...)
Ok, I guess it's bedtime. But i just wanted to let you all know that I have internets again! YAY!


Lycokat said...

haha :) I sure will tell him!

Luckily Germany won the game 3:2 and kicked out portugal (and they were said to be most likely to win .. not anmomre..haha)...

but that also means that crazyness is going to continue even more..

remember the street that we went to when we got döner before we went home after that one game?

tonight it was just full..from start to end with ppl screaming and being crazy.. cars that wanted to go thourgh.. wow..that was sad:_ ppl climbed on them and tried to CARRY them away and stuff.. :/

too crazy for me .. but oh wells... so there is going to be the next game in 6 days!

have fun digging and doing all that stuff on your list :D

Momma said...

I'm thinking that I would like some Hummus....would you bring some home?

Anonymous said...

hey looser nice pictures!