Finishing up with Checkpoint Charlie...and Karneval!

Ok, so, now I'm going to finish up my pics from Checkpoint Charlie. So, where I left off:

Here's the line of the Berliner Mauer (a.k.a. Berlin Wall)!

And here's Saulo with the Line! He was such a total sweet heart. He had the softest sweetest voice and was always so kind and just such a pleasant individual...

Hehe, these are the "soldiers". You can take your picture with them for I think 1 or 2€, but we decided to be cheap and just take a photo from a distance. lol. But this is the original checkpoint, I believe...

Ok, the end of Checkpoint Charlie...


Alright, now I'm up to when Stuart arrived! Geeze, that was a super long time ago...alright. Well, we were supposed to meet up with some people at Alexander Platz and go to Karneval in Kreuzberg, but we were super late and they left without us, so I took some nice pictures of Alexplatz and at Karneval. I have some super awesome video of Karneval but unfortunately since I'm not using my computer, they don't load properly. So that may have to come later...

So here's die Welt-Zeit-Uhr (World Time Clock). It's a popular meeting place and has the times of all the major cities around the world, with the Northern Hemisphere cities on the top and Southern Hemisphere on the bottom. And the little post that it sits on has a...slightly inaccurate map of the world wrapped around it. lol. We were looking at it and noticed that Barcelona and Venice are pretty much cut off of Spain and Itlay, and Ireland is very misshapen. And I couldn't find Maine. Maybe I'm just very bad with geography, though. lol.

This is a very pretty fountain in the middle of Alexander Platz. It has butterflies painted on it! Yay! Notice the Burger King in the background...lol. The big building on the left is Kaufhof, a very large department store with everything in the world you can buy. But it's not KaDeWe (Kaufhaus Des Westens...Shopping Store of the West), which is a super expensive shopping mall. lol. I don't know where it is, though...don't really want to go in there...too expensive. lol.

Yay! It's me and Stuart! It was a very very hot day...

The church in Kreuzberg. You can see all the people for Karneval...

More people. Yummy foods. Traditional and crazy Brazilian music. Good beer. Aw yea. Lots of neat things to buy, too.

We left for a bit because it was super super hot and came back later when it was cooler. There was a parade that we'd pretty much missed except for the very very very back end. That I only have video of. Darn. But there were a bunch of people on the roof of one building watching the parade and making a lot of noise and drinking. It was so funny that I had to take a picture of them. tehe. They threw some things down at people occassionally, too. lol.

Ok, well, that's all I have of Karneval. Sorry it's not that exciting. *shrug* But sometimes stupid internet explorer doesn't like to load the pictures, so I'm going to stop here with pictures for now.


Today we met up with Dr. Cagle again to say goodbye. He's leaving today to go back home. Then he's going to Japan with his wife! Lucky. Japan would be super cool to go to. Then we went out shopping for food stuffs for DENISE AND MELISSA who are coming super late tonight! Yay! They leave on...Monday or Tuesday? I can't quite remember. We're planning on a night at Hannes' apartment for yummy foods and cocktails! Hannes is super awesome at making cocktails, aparently. haha. So that will be fun. And tonight I go to class with Kat (U.S. Landeskunde...it's pretty much all about the U.S. lol. Like geography, culture, politics, everything). So I thought it'd be interesting to see what it's like. Then we pick up Denise and Melissa at 2am! Yay!

Ok, that's all for now. Laterz!

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