As Promised...a few photos!

Alright, now I hope I can get back on track with my photo updates! Now, going way back to the beginning, the first weekend of Berlin! We went to the Bodes Museum on the Museums Insel (Museum Island)! It was late antiquity (late Roman period up through the Baroque period). Slightly interesting for me because of the huge religious influences, but not so interesting because my specialty is the very very early antiquity, thousands of years before Christ. But it was still nice, and having had an art history class, quite rewarding, since I learned how to appreciate the art.

Here the Spree, the river in Berlin. The Museums Insel is surrounded by it (duh, and island) and it's quite pretty. Here one can see the infamous and very ugly Fernsehtor (Television tower). It can be seen from pretty much everywhere in Berlin, and it severely helpful when you find yourself a little lost. haha. The tower is in Alexander Platz, which is very close to the Stadt Mitte. That's the Bodes Museum on the right.

There's the entrance...and bald guy's head...haha.

The first thing you see when you walk in. I forget who that's supposed to be...but this is the area of the museum called "The Great Dome".

See? Here's the dome...remeniscent of something? Yes, for anyone who's ever been to Rome, it's the exact same style of the Pantheon...modern architecture very much likes to copy it...

And this section is called the Basilica because it's styled like a basilica. That's the half dome where the alter would be placed.

And clerestory windows! I don't know if I spelled that correctly, but that's what the second level of windows are called in a basilica...

And it was decorated with beautiful alters. haha.

Ok, I can't remember what the fancy name for this is, but it would sit behind the alter. It was a famous thing to do in Germany, I believe. Beautifully intricate wooden sculptures placed behind the alter. The long wings could fold closed when mass wasn't being said.

Here are some old wooden sculptures of the stations of the cross. The left is the women weeping, the middle is Veronica wiping Jesus' face, and I can't tell what the one on the right is. There are two horses. I have no idea.

Ok, well, I don't have time to put up the rest of the photos because now I must go meet up with Dr. Cagle and meet the new Bamberg students coming to Lyco! Yay!

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