Right...A "Brief" Update...

Man, it's awfully hard to get used to an English keyboard again! Well, I am sadly not typing to you from my computer. It's decided to be testy and not connect to the internet provided here. Stupid. I'll try to make it work...maybe if I just moved to another location...

Anywho, as you can probably tell, I've made it ISRAEL!!!!! YAY!!!! It's been so amazing already. Let's see, where to begin. Well, I guess my flights. I made it just fine to Berlin airport after 3 hours sleep at Kristina's apartment. I was early for my flight and decided to use the bathroom quickly before boarding. There were a few other women who had decided the same thing. I get out and notice that it was almost completely empty, but there was still a good 40 minutes to take off. So I walked up and the lady taking the tickets said that we had to wait for the bus to come back. TO COME BACK??? BUS??? I was confused. Turns out that for regional flights, you don't actually board like usual...you take a bus to the plane and then get to walk out on the run way and walk up the steps - LIKE THE BEATLES! LOL! Anywho, the bus was late, therefore, the flight missed the departure time, and we had to hop back in line and wait another 15 minutes. Ok, no big deal, I thought, I have an hour to get to my transfer flight in Zurich. Well, we unloaded at the complete opposite end of the airport, were more than 20 minutes late (SOMEHOW I don't know), and I read the board wrong or something, because I headed out to Terminal A, went through security check, only to find out I had to go to the complete other side at Terminal E. I ran. Fast. And made the transfer train (I had to take a TRAM to get to the terminal...) just as it arrived, and made my boarding halfway through the process. This flight was also 20 minutes late. But that was fine with me because I knew that I was meeting my fellow supervisors in Tel Aviv.

So I get through security unimaginably fast with no fuss AND picked up my bag in record time! Then I waited 45 minutes for the other peoples. Didn't show up yet. Um, ok...so I went through customs super fast (I had nothing at all to declare) and immediately saw Eric, my square supervisor from last year! Yay! He was there to pick us all up! Well...some of us. Other supervisors got rental cars. Unfortunately, Eric won't be staying for the dig, he was here for the last 5 weeks on the survey.

But eventually everyone showed up and we all headed out and got here! It's so awesome to be back in a place that is so familiar. Lesley and Marcella are my roommates! YAY! We had two hours until dinner, so we chilled, unpacked, flipped on the Israeli music station, when all of a sudden we hear this sudden WHOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHH. And it continued with a SSSSHHHHHHH! And I looked at Lesley and we said, "What's that?!" Marcella looked up from around the corner and said, "That's not you guys?" We peer into the bathroom, and here the main water hose broke!!! Water was flying HIGH and hitting the ceiling and spraying the entire bathroom! Water slowly built up and creeped out the door. Quick thinking Lesley figured out how to turn the water off. So the next five minutes we used the squeedgy to get the water outside. We talked to the reception and told them what happened before dinner. We came back from the usual scrumptious meal of chicken legs, cucumber and tomato salad, hummus, pita, kraut, and rice and corn! YUM! I was very happy. Even the orange mystery drink was there again! *sigh* We were all so happy.

Then Steve Ortiz gave his first announcement of the season about what our plans were as far as setting up the dig house, getting the site ready, cleaning out the tool shed. It took a while for it to sink it that we are going to be in charge and setting up. It's quite frightening, to be honest. Lesley, Marcella, and I were talking about it, and we're possitively terrified. But I think we'll be ok.

Saturday all the volunteers arrive, and we'll be in meetings all day! Yay for meetings! haha.

But the main point of all of this was to let you know that I am alive and well in the amazing country that is ISRAEL!!! WHOOP! ok, that is all, I'm off to bed. Good Night.

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Lycokat said...

woop woop!
I'm gald everything worked out and you are made it safely to israel!
It's so weird that you are now in israel but that you have been here just a few days ago..lol

have a lot of fun!