Brief Update

haha, the title looked really weird to me for a second and then I realized that it's because "Brief" in German means "letter". ok, anyways. I'm just making an update to let people know I'm still alive, I don't really have time to update with pictures. Denise and Melissa are here and we've been having an absolute blast doing not much of anything, but still actually really busy.

Thursday Denise and Melissa arrived early in the morning at 2:10am and we stayed up until 6am just talking and enjoying the company we've all missed for so long. We slept in until 12 and then had to do Melissa's hair. haha. She had her weave taken out the day before and was never able to get her actual hair permed. Denise just kept saying, "Oh my God, Melissa, you're hair is SO NAPPY!" So she had the perm stuff, but three white girls had to figure out how to correctly perm a black girl's hair without making it all fall out. It was hysterical. We have pictures. They'll be coming. Oh, and her hair came out PERFECT! BOOYAH! haha.

That night we ate delicious spaghetti and then went to Hannes' for cocktails (he treats it like a whole art form, it's funny) and played Halli Galli (or Tutti Frutti in the states...it was super fun). And then we played UNO forever, because the way we tweek the rules make the game go on FOREVER.

Friday we slept in a bit again, went to walk around Bamberg for a bit to check out shopping places, and went to see The Last Boelyn Girl. It was super good. And it was in English! With German subtitles! haha. Then we had Schnitzel and German potato salad for dinner! yummy! Oh, and Melissa realized that she had lost her wallet, so there was a bunch of crazed searching through the entire room, in the driveway, and in the car, to no avail. We were going to stop by Hannes' to see if it was there, but he had left to go back to Nuremberg to see his family and didn't come back until this afternoon. But we lucked out because he found it in his apartment. I swear, that girl sometimes. haha, oh Melissa...

Today we took a little tour of some of the history of Bamberg. We went back up to Altenberg (the fortress on the hill) and walked down to a nice and tastey little cafe that overlooks Bamberg. We saw the rain come in so we had to cut our little tour short, since we were walking everywhere. We made it to the Bamberg Dom church just as the rain began. We didn't get to go to Michelsberg church because of the rain. But we hitched a ride from Kat's parents to Hannes' apartment to watch at least the first half of the first game of the Europameisterschaft (EM...the European Championship of Soccer). It was Schweiz (Switzerland) vs. Czech. It was actually a really boring game. I was a little disappointed...

So now we're going to have more yummy German dinner and might be going to a night club tonight...we're not sure. So, that's all for now!

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