Brief Update but No Pics...

Ok, doesn't appear to be any pictures. Internet's not letting me upload them. Stupid internets. I hope it doesn't do this to me while I'm in Israel...I had the best luck when I was in Berlin. Wait...but I'm using Kat's computer. Stupid Kat's computer! I mean, wait, I'm sorry Kat's computer!

Anywho, I had quite a lovely time with my widdle bruvver. tehe. It was quite enjoyable but at the same time made me realize that if Eric and I ever lived together by ourselves for a much longer period of time, I think we may kill each other. lol. This is why one doesn't live with siblings, I suppose. haha. But we went all over Bamberg a million times, saw two of the Germany games for the European Football Cup. They lost the first and won the second, but they've won a total of 2 out of 3, which means they go on to the quarter finals! Yay for Germany!!!!

Our room would have been considered a wee bit small, but for two people just staying a week, it was perfect. It was like a miniature beach house...without the beach. But a lovely view of the mountains around Bamberg. Oh, and dad, I asked Kat's dad, the Matterhorn is in Switzerland and so almost a 5 hour drive from Bamberg. lol.

We went to Nürnberg and saw the zoo (where the horrendously popular polar bear cub Flocke is!) and I took quite a few pics and videos. Yes, we did go see the polar bear cub, who's grown quite large already, and snapped a few pics. There were BLEACHERS so people could SIT and WATCH the bear for presumably and infinite amount of time. Um, Eric and I left after I got my couple pictures. He was just chillin on his little bear bed by the water, so it wasn't extremely interesting. After the zoo we went to the Dokument Zentrum, where they have a museum about WWII and the Nürnberg Trials. There were even copies of entire original manuscripts and presumably the original recordings of the Nürnberg Trials. It would have been quite a bit more interesting for me had my stupid little audio device decided to work. But it didn't! So I did my best to understand the written German descriptions and shared Eric's audio thingy for the various movies. The museum was placed inside one of the many abandoned Nazi buildings Hitler had built all over Nürnberg. It was named the most German city of Germany and so made the center of Hitler's huge parades, celebrations, speaches, and architectural triumphs, most of which were never completed. I wanted to walk around and see more of the abandoned half-buildings, but Eric was "bored" and "tired" so we went back to the center of the city and got some ice cream and wandered the streets for a bit until our train left. It was a nice day.

Super early this morning I saw Eric off at the Bahnhof. His train left at 7:02am. Yep, that meant we woke up at 5am to make it in time. I actually almost cried. I was sad to see my widdle bruvver leave. ;___;

Then I took a bus back to the apartment, finished packing, and carted my stuff back to Kat's (with her help, of course). Currently I am having the last of my laundry washed up so as to have the optimum number of clean underware and socks for Israel upon arrival. lol. My train leaves tonight at 6:16pm for Berlin. There I'll be staying with a friend overnight (I'll be arriving about 10:30pm at the Hauptbahnhof) and waking super super early (7:15am) to make my plane to ISRAEL ISRAEL ISRAEL ISRAEL ISRAEL!!!!!!! Can you tell I'm quite a bit excited to go to ISRAEL. I really love that country. *sigh* I can't wait to start digging again!!!!! After a brief layover in Zürick, Schweiz (Zurick, Switzerland....there are coincidentally NO flights directly from Germany to Israel and NO German Airlines that fly into Israel...talk about holding a grudg! lol), I'll arrive in Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport at about 2:30pm (Israel is either 7 or 8 hours ahead of the East Coast...I can't quite remember...). omgomgomg, this time tomorrow I'll pretty much be in ISRAEL!!!!!! *ahem* anyways.

Luck seems to have shined a bit on me for my travels because the other supervisors who are arriving on a group flight from New York at 2:55pm. I merely need to wait 30 minutes or so in the airport and get to head out with all the supervisors!!! Yay!!! I won't be traveling to Neve Shalom Kibbutz all by my lonesome, though I am quite used to it by now. It's really not such a big deal...though maybe that's because Germany's public transit is one of the more reliable and safest in at least all of Europe. In Israel, I think the only way I'd be able to get to Neve Shalom would be by taxi (but with all the supervisors, I think we'll have our travel bus...or car rentals...), which wouldn't have been too cheap, and is quite safe...except for the way the taxi drivers actually drive...or the way that EVERBODY drives in Israel, which is as fast and crazy as you can drive. Seriously. haha.

I'll be leaving my humungous red suitecase here with Kat and only taking my little suitecase and my carry on. Thank God. That'll be MUCH easier...But then I may have to take a train back to Bamberg AGAIN to pick it back up. However, Kat said that she wanted to come up to Berlin and see the city again and kill two birds with one stone by seeing me as well! But that would all depend on what her testing schedule is like, because that begins in the beginning of August. Must wait this one out a bit...but hopefully not for long.

Ok, wells, I should probably stop typing now and get back to finishing all my repacking and what not. I'll update about arriving in Israel as soon as I have a chance to use my computer! Not sure how long that will be...we'll see...SHALOM! ...Well...I need to get ready for ISRAEL.

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