A Few More Pics!

Well, today Kat and I said goodbye to Denise and Melissa. They're on their way back to London...and then they leave tomorrow back for the U.S. of A. Oh yesh. And then tomorrow...ERIC COMES! YAY! We pick him up from the train station at 1:30ish pm. But here are a few more pic updates. Here are some of the peoples from Lyco who went on the Berlin May Term whom I met up with! I forgot to get a pic of Dr. Cagle! :( I'll steal from peoples' pictures...

Yay! There's me eating a Rostbrotw├╝rstchen! Yummay! And Kristina. Hello Kristina!

Mmmm...leftovers from people who had eaten there previously. The bird thought that German food was yummy, too.

It's my roomie! Hiiiiii Heaather!!! And Kristina again!

I don't really know this kid too well, but his name is Eric. He ordered Berliner....ah, poo, I forget what it's called. But they take Berliner Kindl, Berlin's super advertised beer (equivilent to Coors or Bud) but you can order it "red" or "green" and they put Raspberry or whatever the green stuff is, and it's syrrup, and it's super sweet, and it's just god awful tasting. blech.

Here is a pic of the Prater Bier Garten. It was so cool.

This was us at the super duper yummy Middle Eastern restaurant, which I'm going to go to again when I get back to Berlin! Super Yummy! I want their HUMMUS and I'll compare it to Israel! *licks lips*

Yay! This was the night we went out in search of the night club Tresor. It was ok for me, but Heather was living it up. That's really her thing. haha. Oh, the girl in the maroon tank top is Martha.

Well, that's all for now...I need to transfer more pics from my laptop to my thumb drive so I can upload them from Kat's laptop. Wait...I'll be at that little apartment tomorrow...I could just use internet then! Yay! I won't have to keep mooching from Kat!

I went back to Berlin today to get my enormous red suite case back from Suze and S├Âren. I sat and talked with Suzanne for the longest I'd ever sat and talked with her. It was nice. I also met up with Kristina for lunch before her Goethe Institut class, too. She seems to be doing really well! I'm glad, we were all a bit worried for her, but she seems to have adapted to the situation quite nicely. Next Monday when I head back to Berlin to fly out to ISRAEL (WOOOOOOOO!!!!!), I'm going to spend the night with her. My flight leaves Berlin Tegel Airport around 7:30am, but the latest train from Bamberg to Berlin is 12:30am. The next train would get me to the Hauptbahnhof at 6:30, which is cutting it WAY too close, seeing as it takes at least 30 minutes by bus to get from there to the airport. So I gentely asked if her hosts would be ok with me spending just one night. Kristina has an extra bed in her room, so it wasn't a problem at all. SWEET! FREE STAY! tehe.

Ok, wells, I guess I'll get to reorganizing my stuffs. That's my update and more pictures to come later, and I will make more of them. Oh, these pictures look really small. Sorry about that...I'll have to make sure that's fixed for the next post. If you can't see the pics, just click on them and they'll open up bigger...

Bis dann!

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