Welcome, King Ahashverosh!

Yay! I got my new fishie! Well, Stuart bought him for me, as part of my Valentine's Day present! He's a crown tail betta, so I thought it only appropriate to give him the name of a king: King Artexerxes, but I'm going to stick to the Semitic form: MLK A-H-SHV-R-SH (with vowels: Melek Ahashverosh), or King Ahi for short! woop woop! He's so much tinier than Epi was. Haha, I upgraded from a knight to a king. Next step is god. Gotta remember that, lol. I got a new light bulb, new rocks, and a big new plant for him, too. I thought he was all black with a bit of silver except for a yellow stripe on him beard-fin, but since I put the light on his tank, he's a little different than I thought. His head is black, his back and dorsal fin are a silvery blue, his belly and bottom of his crown tail are a periwinkle/lilac, and I have yet to see the yellow stripe on his beard-fin. I love when he spreads out his tail! It's so pretty!!!! He absolutely loves his new kingdom, too! He keeps giving short, fast spurts to see every inch of the tank. He's pushed around some pebbles, nibbled the plant, and even tried eating the bubble that formed on the side of the tank. lol. He ate nearly all of his food, too. Little pig, lol.

I finally made my eye appointment for my new glasses prescription while I was over at the mall, too. FINALLY I'll be able to see right again! haha.

I'm very proud of myself for keeping up on my pottery, too. I'm finally finished my first coil pot (nearly 3 weeks to do!) and almost finished my decorated tile in one class period! If I hadn't needed to finish painting the coil pot, I would have finished painting the tile. However, I did have to destroy my attempt at the second coil pot. It got too hard, eek! I also found out that it was a little too thin anyways. So I smashed it!! That was fun. But now I have to start all over again. Before class I have to try and make a more detailed sketch for my hard slab design (the bust of Nefertiti in squashed box form!). I have no idea what I'm going to do for my two soft slab pots. *sigh*

And tomorrow's Friday!!!! YAY!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Al you should post some pictures of Mel so I can see what he looks like.
or just wait until i see you tomorrow and let me come up to your room to check Mel out.

hey hey hey your fish is sorta black just like me....except im not sorta I just am.