RIP Sir Epithumaetaes III

My fishie finally died. ;_______; Stuart came over and crawled over to my computer and looked up at the fish tank and was like, "Uh, Alli, I think Epi's dead." And he's been on the fritz since we came back to school, so I was like, "Nah, he's fine, he's just a lazy old man now."
"No, Alli, he's not moving at all."
"Is he floating at the top of the water?"
"No, he's sitting at the bottom."
"He always does that now, he's fine."
"Is he upside down?"
"No...but he's on his side..."
And there he was, all grey and ashy, eyes bulging, body contorted. *sniff* It was really gross. So I threw a bit of a tantrum and called for Heather, who immediately ran out for chocolate (she was planning on going eventually today because she's been wanting some), and I called Denise and she was like, "oh my god...I'll come over..." Stuart was like, "I'm not going to be the one who sticks their hand into the fish tank to pull out a dead fish, I'm going back to my room..." lol.

So Denise and I had a "burial at toilet". That little fishie has lasted me nearly my entire college career. He was an old fish, and it was about time for him to die. Still sad. So later in the week (maybe Thursday? Or I may wait until I come back from Baltimore this weekend) I'm going to get a new fish. ^.^ Now there's a big bare spot on my bookshelf. :(


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Anonymous said...

Im sorry I wans't a good friend and there to share in your pain....umm did you take a picture of Mr.Epi dead...cause umm not to be a jerk but that would be awesome.

c ya tonight for dinner. :)