Bitter Sweet

First, I want to get the bad out. I got an email from UCLA today saying that my decision letter was sent out, and I was obviously rejected. Alright, my application was 2 weeks late AND my GRE's were never received by them (though the reciept said that it was sent - I went through some long emails for that one and they finally got them, though) AND Knauth's recommendation was over a month late. This all probably factored into the decision making. That's fine, though, because I didn't really want to go to CA anyways, even if their program was pretty sweet. I just couldn't bare forever being away from home (even if I make my own new one, it wouldn't be home). But this makes me very nervous about my other schools. UMichigan isn't as prestigious, so I'm thinking I still have a really good shot. UPenn is kinda of a joke in the archaeology world these days because they've lost all their "good" archaeologists, but it's still UPenn, and they're still ivy league. Johns Hopkins is what I'm worried about now, though. I really want JHU. Really really really really want JHU. I have a letter from Pam AND Steve, who are kind of opposites on the archaeological spectrum, which could mean good things if they both have equally lovely letters about me! Also, Pam has ins with the department. :) But I'm still really worried now.

But anyways, on to the good: Heather and I had a successful first night on the radio! Yay! And I want to appologize to all my non-Lyco friends whom I invited to our group under the impression they could listen to our show - because I thought you could. Turns out that anyone not on the Lycoming network can't access our radio through the internet link. BOOO, you used to because my parents used to listen to Eric and Jordan's radio show!!!!!! What the hell happened?! I'll have to ask Trish if she knows. So that makes me sad. But it was still real fun. The first hour was a little hectic trying to remember how to get things to play and what to do and how to set up the computer vs. the iPod vs. the laptop vs. the CD!!!! By the second hour we had it all down and everything went great! YAY! Pretty soon we'll actually be able to get some homework done while in the booth? lol.

Needless to say, I didn't have my Hebrew homework finished, but it didn't matter anyways because we never went over it because we ran out of time LIKE ALWAYS. Now I need a shower because Kendo worked up a sweat again today and I'm hoping it'll wake me up a bit. I also need to try to read 80 pages in an hour before class. GO ALLI GO!!!

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