Baltimore Update!

Yay! Heather, Eric, and I made it to Baltimore! We got up early for a tasty hotel breakfast with the parents and the little bros. There are so many people walking around in kilts and carrying bagpipe cases and drums. It's so cool. They have to go to lessons all day and then the actual competition isn't until 7pm. Technically Paul's the one competing, but he needs a piper to accompany him, so Matt's obviously his choice. lol. What could get the judges' attention more than a young brother pair? Actually there are lots of kids Matt & Paul's age. But Matt's new pipe instructor is one of the teachers AND judge! WE GOT IT IN THE BAG, BABY! lol. Well, I'll still keep my fingers crossed.

Soon Heather and I will be heading out to the Walters Museum for a series of talks on archaeological conservation in Egypt = SWEEEEET! Eric may be joining us, too! Well, he probably won't stay for the talks because I don't think anyone other than archaeology people would be interested, haha. The talks could be pretty boring for anyone who doesn't know about the topic. It's not full of jargon, there would just be a lot of information one would need to know before-hand. For instance, the talks are all about Egypt. I have never been to Egypt, so I've never seen or experienced anything they'll be talking about; Egypt is also not my favorite Near Eastern Culture, so I didn't keep as much info about the archaeology of Egypt as I did about, say, the Levant or Mesopotamia. The last talk we were at, I was a little lost in history when the speaker mentioned the various dynasties because I don't remember their dates. So someone who doesn't know anything about the archaeology of Egypt, probably wouldn't understand what was going on.

But anyways, I'm done. I'll go next door to the boys' room to see what's going down. =)

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