Busy Week....

...but not so busy week. I've managed to almost completely catch up on my readings for history. I finished my Hebrew homework super early yesterday so that I was able to finish reading what I needed for history today. I'm nearly finished my German reading. Wait, this is the week before Midterms...why is this being easy? OMG DO I HAVE A MIDTERM IN HEBREW THAT I DIDN'T REALIZE I HAD?!?!

On another note, my next paycheck after Spring Break is going to be quite hefty! Yay! Finally! On a sadder note, my paycheck this Friday will be fairly nice, but will be instantly leaving to pay for a much needed eye exam for new glasses (it's getting so much harder and harder to see...), my prescription, and Netflix...that's fifty bucks right there. Maybe I can squeeze a few bucks extra out of it for a few beers on Friday at Stammtisch. :) But seriously, a few nights ago I was looking at the TV and my eyes just would NOT focus on it correctly. It was weird.

I also realized that a huge chunk of my next paycheck will be geared towards paying my membership to two national honors societies. Man, that better pay off within the next year, I want a Fellowship!!!!

And Kat's coming next Wednesday! This time next week I'll be driving to the Williamsport airport to pick her up! yay!!!!

Anyways, back to German...in English because we're reading E.A. Poe....

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