Man, I am SO happy I have this eye appointment coming up soon. Last night I walked down to The Pub to meet up with Stuart and his friends (and Brent returned from New Hampshire!), and realized that there was a lot of fuzzy. I'm going to need to write some things down to talk to the optometrist about. I'm glad I made sure that it was a time when I could bring Stuart with me - because I wanted him to help me pick out my new glasses - but I realized that this is my first exam in two years, so they'll probably do the eye drops that dilate the pupils, so I wouldn't be able to drive myself back.

Last night was a really good time. I listened to some of Stuart's jazz radio show, Heather and I went down to Stammtisch, Kevin cooked BBQ pulled pork in my crockpot for us for dinner (with Eric, Jordan, and Stuart too). We watched the first season of Frisky Dingo and then at 10:30 I went downtown to meet up with Stuart's gang of friends to hang out for some of the Williamsport Mardi Gras festivities. Except that we only ended up having one drink at The Pub and as we were thinking of going down town for the actual festivities, Stuart's nasty cold began acting up, so we came back a little midnight. He instantly fell asleep, poor boy. haha. Usually he's the one who stays up reading while I instantly fall asleep. This time he fell asleep first - and I only ended up reading for 15 minutes.

Tonight the gang's going back out again for more Mardi Gras festivities, and we will definitely join them for that. Heather already left for a party with her peeps at College Park. I've been trying to do homework to get most of the week's stuff out of the way. I'm picking Kat up at the Williamsport Region Airport Wednesday night and I'd like to have all homework for the rest of the week completely out of the way so as to catch up with the German. haha. But having looked at this week's homework, I became instantly lazy - I have a midterm in Hebrew and History for Friday, so our only homework for the whole week is just to study. So of course I immediately lost all productivity and went on the computer. haha. German should be relatively easy, since we're on E.A. Poe right now, which means everything's in English. Though I DO have an essay due for Thursday that I really should get started. What's my other class? Oh yea, ceramics. Erm, that I can just work on during class.

Now I must get to the library to get some quarters for laundry. I think Stuart and I are making spaghetti tonight. yum!

As I did dishes earlier, I thought about how a little cleaning sometimes brings a lot of pleasure to life. Then I think of how nice it would be to not have to worry about work or schooling and just stay home all day cleaning and cooking and what-not. Then I realized how horrible it would be. Women throughout the entire 20th century worked their asses off so we wouldn't be stuck doing that all the time. And not just distant women from the past, but also our own mothers, aunts, and grandmothers, too. What a disservice it would be to give up everything they've worked so damn hard for so that their daughters, nieces, and granddaughters wouldn't have to be cooped up and forced to do what they had to do for so long. Also, I think I would just be bored out of my mind and feel it would be a disservice to myself for not doing something with my life. I think I'd be very unsatisfied with the whole thing.

Not sure what brought that on...

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Denise said...

actually women fought so we could have the CHOICE of whether or not we wanted to do that not so that we didn't have to do that. If that is the life that makes you happy they would want you to that (sure get an education because it is more usefull for that lifestyle than you would think) but if staying at home and cooking and cleaning makes you happy and is fullfilling to you then you have the choice to do that. It was never about getting out of the kitchen it was about getting the choice to get out of the kitchen.