Things are going well. I may have found someone who can fix my computer at the Goethe Institut. Well, actually, Sören knows him and called him for me. I was supposed to give it to him on Friday, but someone else from my class thought they could fix it, but it ended up not working, and by that time, the computer guy went home for the weekend. booo. So I'm going first thing on Monday super early!!! :) AND until it is fixed, I found a super cheap internet cafe right around the corner from where I live! Only when I'm desperate for internet. Otherwise it's the free stuff at the Goethe Institut. haha.

Today we went to see one of the palaces at Postdam! It was super nice. It almost rained, but was just super nice all day long.

Tomorrow I go to (one of the many) Flomärkt in Berlin with some people in the morning and then off to see a consentration camp in the afternoon. It's supposed to rain again, so it'll be a good mood setter. haha. Oy.

Ok, clock's ticking, time to pay for my services. OH! But first.

Happy Graduation to Grammom!
Happy Birthday to Eric!
Hope the pipe band extravaganza this weekend was super awesome!

Ok, so now, as they say auf Deutsch: Bis Später!

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