*Crosses Fingers*

So hopefully this guy here can fix my lappy. I dropped it off at 11am and he told me to come back at my break for class, which is at 5ish. For some reason that doesn't seem like a long enough time...but who knows. Oh, I forgot to ask him how much he wanted me to pay...I'll ask him when I come back to see what happened.

This computer trouble has really exhausted me. I'm already tired from all the things I've been doing with my new friends here, and then that on top of it with the stress of not having my computer and worrying if it'll be ok for the rest of my busy travels just has me exhausted.

Well, anyway. Last night I went out to eat with one of the girls from a much more advanced class who's actually younger than me (difficult to find...I'm the youngest in my class). Her name is Leah (I think I spelled it right...) and she's from Denmark. She knows German soooo well. But we ate a pretty nice pizzaria type place and talked and talked for hours. Before we knew it, it was 10pm and I had to get home and try to work on my laptop and try to get an early bedtime. TRY being the key word. haha. I went to bed around 11:30 and got up at 8:30 to work some more on my lappy. *sigh* I want to just SLEEP LATE one day, really.

But this weekend we're hoping to have a party at one of our classmate's appartments (he's living here in Berlin because he just got a job here). His name is Shigiyoshi and he's from Japan. It's our last full weekend and we want to celebrate! The Italian Michele (pronounced Mi-kay-la..."michael" in English) wants us all to go to the beach on Sunday morning to play volleyball (it's been soooooo cooooold here this week) and then play soccer in the afternoon. HA.

In 10 days I leave for London, though I still have to buy my plan tickets. I don't want to do that on a public computer, but it's looking like I might have to...grr. But, yay! I get to see my Denise and Melissa sooooon!!!!! That makes me very excited. And hopefully another day this week I'm going to the disco with my May Term peoples from good ol' Lyco. That would be nice.

Ok, well, lots of people are lining up to use computers and I've been here for a good long time, so I'm going to let other people on. More updates SOON!

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